HersheySweet - Broker - Nationwide JLR, PA DMV NJ Volvo

Hello everyone, not sure if I have to do this, but it’s something I feel I definitely want to do. My name is Curtis, and I go by HersheySweet, I’m from Candy Town USA.

I am dedicated to making this the easiest car buying experience, and offer the best customer service possible, I am willing to go in person for all of my deals depending on when and where you schedule pick up, and I am more than happy to point you in the right direction if I cannot personally help you.

I am very excited to offer these services to the community so to get the formalities out of the way, my standard Volvo fee is $399. Full fee upfront; sorry everyone.

For Land Rover I charge a different fee for it’s nicheness, please enquire, we offer more flexible terms from 5k and up / annum. These start from nothing up to 499, depending on the car.

I aim to make this process as sweet as possible, please shoot me a text if you have any leasing questions, advice is free, action isn’t.

When you contact me, Please, Please, Please add the following:

  1. Your Zip code
  2. Term & Mileage (i.e. 36/10) (JLR 39 months can often be better)
  3. If you wish to Apply MSDs (Volvo only)
  4. If you Qualify for Loyalty, Have a Pin (JLR), etc.
  5. Color & Option Preferences
  • I now ship out of PA/MD/VA for Volvo and The Southern USA for JLR, FL + GA

  • I have been brokering in this forum since July.

Curtis / HersheySweet :chocolate_bar:
Cell: 717 379 7233 (Preferred)
Email: HersheySweetLH@gmail.com


Integrity: HersheySweet steered me away from potentially losing thousands of $$$’s. He could have made a profit and made the lease “fit” but instead chose the high road and explained the potential pitfalls of what I was trying to do.
Greatly appreciate if! Feel comfortable doing business with him.


Thank you for the kind review! Best of luck in your hunt for a deal!


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I checked with Curtis on a Land Rover before pulling the trigger on a BMW X7. He was fast to respond and extremely pleasant to deal with. He offered a very respectable deal on the Land Rover. In the end we went for the X7. From a customer service perspective, I would rather have much rather done business with Curtis.

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Thank you Hans, I’m sorry we could not complete our JLR deal, but please enjoy the new X7! It was a pleasure to assist you in any way I could!


Curtis checked in on me after I had posted a deal-check on a Discovery Sport S. I had been going back & forth with the dealer with no success. He was very helpful and offered to check in with his contact at the dealership and kept me up to date. The day before he was going to check with this contact, I got a call from the dealer and we were able to agree on our numbers. Although he did not get an opportunity to present my deal, he was still helpful in guiding and answering questions. From a customer service perspective, I would gladly work with Curtis again in the future.

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It was my pleasure to help you, I hope you and your father enjoy your new purchase, stay safe during these times!


Just spoke to @HersheySweet and wow what a nice guy. Unfortunately, I’m most likely going to have to pass up on the deal offered due to having another payment left on my lease and budget. I will keep in touch for next month and highly recommend calling him if your looking for a great deal right now.

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Thank you Brad!

I wish you and your family the best right now, and hope to speak soon!


My experience with Curtis was exceptional - prompt (almost instant) text message replies, solid product knowledge, and great deals!

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Thank you Matt! Stay safe right now!

I hope to help you again soon!

Did you buy from him?


I’ll answer. We had papers and a contract ready to be overnighted. Due to economic uncertainty they decided to forgoe leasing at this time.

Agree with Curtis. To clarify, car was for a close friend, not me.

I just bought from him. I wasn’t going to bc I have a month left on my current lease but the deal was just too good and @HersheySweet was awesome every step of the way. I signed this morning with the notary on a 2020 disco sport. The car is being shipped to me on Friday. Very seamless and easy and honestly wouldn’t of happened without Curtis. Once the car arrives I’ll be leaving the “official” post with pics and info. If your looking for a car I highly recommend calling him. MUCH better than sitting in a dealership going insane and walking in and out just to have the salesperson go after you to get the right deal and then deal with finance messing around and adding another $150 for pizza and donuts for the team. Go with Curtis and it’ll save you time, money and a massive headache!


I’m staying in late with a friend, I won’t be able to talk or answer any calls or texts until 4pm.

Enjoy your weekend!

Because of Curtis’s knowledge, contacts, and attention to detail, we’ve leased a 2020 Honda CR-V EX on an incredible deal! Curtis was quick to guide me via the LH forums and was incredibly responsive via phone & text. His knowledge, contacts, and energy are incredible. And we would not have been able to unlock the equity in our leased Subaru (and would have just paid our disposition fee & turned in the keys) if it were not for his creative arrangements. We will be turning right back to him to help my wife’s mother exit her dreadful Lexus lease & get into something terrific. Cannot say enough about HersheySweet/Curtis!!!

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Thank you for the kind words, hope you made it back without any traffic, enjoy the car, and I’m honored to be able to help your in law with any vehicle she desires!

Hey Eddie, send me another message, sometimes stuff gets buried really quickly as I have a dual sim setup so personal and business gets lost, I sincerely apologize and it’s entirely my fault.

True statement.

@HersheySweet helped me with a lease and I’m absolutely happy with it. I had a ton of questions but Curtis got the deal done within a week. :+1:

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