Help with Volvo XC90 lease deal

Hello everybody,

I recently was introduced to the LH community and it has been a great source of info so far. Now I am attempting to work out a deal in Georgia, which has been very peculiar in terms of transportation. Here is the quote I received for a Demo XC90 Inscription:

I have been trying to plug the numbers into the calculator but haven’t been able to replicate, with so many different fees been added.

The numbers given are far off from what I’ve seen by fellow members.Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

To start with, you need to separate out the dealer discount from the incentives. That’ll help identify where the problem areas are in the deal.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll ask the dealer and report back, this is all I received

Go to Volvo’s website and build an xc90 of the same trim, then click the payment estimator and put in your zip code. It’ll give you the actual incentives.

Then go to the forums at Edmunds for the xc90 and ask for the mf/rv in your zip.

That will arm you with the info needed to evaluate what the numbers should be.


Hi, the MF got bumped up. According to Edmund’s, it should be 0.00144 and %59 residual. Also, don’t put anything down.

Like mllbc said, you should have the dealer break down the discount. As of now, you’re still not getting enough of it. The breakdown will tell where you need to push for more.

Also, I’ve noticed that your Acquisition Fee is $1062. That’s $67 more than the norm. If I recall correctly, $995 is the set price for everyone.

Acquisition fee is likely included in the MSRP in that quote.

The $1,062 is just for miscellaneous taxable fees.

EDIT: I realized you just looked at the calculator and not the dealer sheet.

OP, the numbers are in the calculator incorrectly.

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I’ll wait for that reply from the dealer, thanks!

@AGN my plan was to replicate the prices given by the dealer, no plans of putting anything down at this moment.

Answer received was: “$3,000 manufacturer rebate and $7,000 is store discount”.

I am also curious of those “taxable fees”. I already have to pay the GA TAVT and Doc fees. Etching will be off as well. Using @AGN numbers and if the Acq fee are included in price payments go down, but I am hoping for numbers in the mid $500’s.

I’ll keep asking and plugging numbers. Thanks!

I leased new, so I am not entirely sure what the target discount for a loaner would be. I would think that the 15.2% discount after incentives is a weak dealer discount though. Your calculator is missing the $995 acquisition fee.

Using your calculation (without messing with the taxed incentives) and adding in the acquisition fee, your payment would be $634.00 per month. If you put down 10 MSDs, your monthly payment would go down to $586.00 per month.

EDIT: your calculator seems to also be missing your tax percentage, so the numbers I quoted above were based on the pre-tax calculation (unless tax is already included in the 1,7xx.xx number you included for government fees).

$7000 discount on a demo isn’t nearly enough. That’s about the right number for a new one.

On a demo, I’d target 17-18% preincentives.

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This is the detailed list. He said talked to the manager and that is all he could go for. Maybe shoot for a new model with same deal can be an option? My girl now wants it in white, so maybe it can work. Also work on the MF as well.

Thanks for all your help

I think you need to find a new dealer, not a new model.

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You think the manager will say there is still more available? You need to write up a quote with a discount you want and email it to them. Stop requesting quotes from them, just wasting time.


Don’t forget to account for the demo mileage.

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I just a month ago had a lease done with a dealer in IL, service loaner, 7k miles, MSRP 74k.
Result was a lease payment of $550 (included maxing out the MSD) with 15k/36months.

My advice is find a different dealer who is willing to work with you on the details instead of giving you their “sheet” to muddy things up.

I will find another dealer. Thank you all for the recommendations so far!

So I tried another dealer…

And the lady is home! I found one with what we wanted (white ext, blonde interior, Advanced Package) with some extras (Inscription Package :slightly_smiling_face:). Dealer ended up going for 16.5% off MSRP On a New model (no demo). After taxes I managed to get to $699 total with No MSD’s, then the lady was fixed with this particular model. And since she’s paying, who am I to judge? She’s happy. $715 with all GA taxes and fees. I don’t have the specifics, but will populate the Calculator when the contract copy arrives via email.

Thanks Everybody! Now off to get mine. Any 430GC demos left?:grimacing:

Congrats! It’s a beauty.