Help with Volvo S60

Hey all -

Working on a S60 Lease and having some trouble putting things into the calculator to evaluate, I think I have all the relevant pieces, but would love some support!

Zip: 30319 (Atlanta, GA)
MSRP: 41,490
Discounts (incentives included): 10,300
Adjusted Price: 31,190

Mileage 7500
Months 36
MF .00086 (matches Edmunds)
Residual 54% (matches Edmunds)
Due at Signing $1,000

Monthly payment: $379

This seems high relative to what I’ve seen for other S60s, so not sure if my math is off or something else is amiss! Please assist.

You need to separate the two.

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From the dealer - incentives are dealer discount of 2489 and dealer allowance of 2000, with the rest being discounts. Does that help Max?

This doesn’t make sense. It’s one or the other.

Should be close, but there are probably some fees also capped, in addition to $995 acq fee. Find out out what $621 is for in your $1,000 DAS.

Can you help me understand what might be driving the difference from your model at $311 (which would be great) vs the $373 I am being quoted? Per the worksheet:

Dealer Service Fee 699
ETR 49
Lemon Law 3
License Fee 21
Title Fee 18
Acquisition Fee 995

Does this help?

It’s not $311, it’s $340 - click on the image. With all the fees rolled in should be ~$365/mo + $365 DAS

Why not just post the entire lease worksheet vs giving us a small snippet one at a time?

Delete your post and re-post with your personal info edited

Let’s try that again! Thank you!

Still $365/mo with first month DAS. They must be marking up MF to the max. Around $1K off ($288 monthly difference + $621 extra in DAS)

The MF from the dealer matches the same one I got from Edmunds…sorry for what might be a dumb question, this is till new to me!

They may tell you one thing and do another. Unless there is something I’m missing there.