Help with Tiguan SE 4Motion (Money Factor) (Residual)

My first rodeo here/thanks in advance

Looking for the money factors and residuals for a 2019 Tiguan SE 4Motion also the S 4Motion.
Not sure if I need to do the numbers using 36 or 39 months, but the mileage is 10K per year.

Thanks again
South Florida 34135 zip

very active thread here:

My numbers will be different because of the milage, correct?

Make an account and post with your specific terms and zip code on that Edmunds forum so you can get the accurate numbers.

Thanks I’ll try to figure that out now,lol.
I appreciate the help !!!

Help I made a Edmund’s account but having a hard time navigating the site.

Can someone please get these numbers for me.

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2019 Tiguan S/SE 4Motion money factors, residuals and incentives (34135) Southwest Florida)

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NewarkFire183NewarkFire183 FloridaPosts: 1

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Hello everyone this is my first rodeo here so please bare with me as I learn where and how to post.

I’m looking for,
2019 Tiguan S/SE 4Motion money factors, residuals and incentives (34135)
10k miles per year
Thanks in advance

Click on the link that @tonyg2017 graciously left for you above and post there.

Thanks guys I really appreciate it, because I’m almost ready to throw the laptop across the room.
The rental is due back tomorrow and I need to act on this deal tomorrow as well.