Help with the lease payment calculator


I’m currently shopping for a new 2020 X5 xDrive40i and working with a dealer on getting it ordered. Somehow my leasehackr calculator numbers are drastically off from his and I can’t identify the difference. Please help.
MSRP: 72,895
Selling Price: 65,606 (10% off)
Months: 36
Miles: 10K
Residual: 56%
MF with 7 MSD’s: 0.00083
Taxed Incentives: $1,210.00 (BMW loyalty + $210 goodwill gesture from the dealer)
Acquisiotion: 925
Dealer Fees: 299
Gov Fees: 331
Sales Tax: 6%
My monthly payment w/out Zero Drive-Off: 815
Dealer monthly payment w/out Zero Drive-off: 899
Link to my calculator: 2020 X5
I can’t seem to figure out where the difference is. Please assist.
Thank you

I didnt look at everything you wrote, but the first thing that sticks out to me is, 10% off of 78,895 is not $65606.

Sorry, it was a typo and has been corrected. MSRP is 72,895. Thank you

I’m confused why you’re specifying “w/out zero drive-off” here. You need to match the drive offs. If that is supposed to say $0 drive off, your calculator doesn’t show that. If there is a drive off amount, you need to match them, not just assume that the lh calculator and the dealer are going to come to the same amount.

Also, do you know that the dealer is charging buy rate and that the “sales price” doesn’t include the incentives already rolled in"?

My Zero Drive-off and dealer drive-off are different because of the difference in the calculated first payment. Upfront fees and taxes are the same.
Dealer is not charging buy rate and the sales price doesn’t include the incentives.
My Net Cap cost is 69,904
SalesPrice (65,606) + Acq fee (925) + Dealer Fee (299) + Gov Fee (331) + Tax (3954) - Taxed Incentives (1,210) = 69,904

So what is the drive off the dealer is offering? If you’re trying to match the dealer’s offer with the calculator, and you know they’re not charging buy rate, why do you have buy rate in the calculator?

The drive-off is $7402.
It consists of 7 MSD’s: 6,293
First Payment: 899
Plus $210 down-payment to lower the payment below 900. Otherwise the payment would be a few dollars more and the MSD’s would go up to 950*7= 6650
I initially thought he was giving me $210 as a goodwill gesture, but it appears that I was wrong.
It also appears that I misunderstood your question about the buy rate. I assumed you were asking if the dealer is charging more than the base MF and the answer is no.

MSDs are not multiples of the payment, but rather the payment rounded up, so they can’t be $6293. Let’s assume they’re actually $6300. That means your drive off amount in the calculator should be $1100. It doesn’t currently reflect that, which accounts for some of the difference, albeit not all.

What state are you in?

Can you just post a screenshot of the dealer’s lease worksheet so there isn’t a ton of back and forth and miscommunication?

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I’m in MD. I’m communicating with the dealer via phone/email and he refused to provide the worksheet.

Doesnt Maryland tax the entire sales price?

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There’s your problem.

MD taxes the entire sales price value like Texas.

Means this is much closer to your calculator, and is accurate to the dealer offer within a few dollars on the DAS amount:

And just like that, the calculator matches.