Help with some dealer nonsense

I am looking at a loaner BMW. On the dealer’s website, the MSRP is listed at 49k and it has a sell price of 39k. I tell the dealer great, please add all incentives and send over the number. They send over a lease quote and it is written as 4000 dollars off MSRP and 6000 in dealer rebate to get to a sell price of 39k.

I explain to the dealer that since the car can be bought for 39k, the incentives should come off of that and they very adamantly tell me the car sale price reflects all available rebates and incentives.

Is there any truth to what he said or are they just playing games?

Edit: its a 2018 330e demo car that is 49k and only being discounted 4000 dollars plus 6000 in BMW incentives.

Typically the selling price on a dealers website will include all incentives.

Yes they usually includes incentives. Also purchase insensitive are usually different than less incentives.

Tell them you’ll be down there in 5 mins if they can do X number, that number being the discount plus the incentives. BMW dealers are fairly annoying because they play this game, I’ve seen it first hand. If it’s a 2018 they should just sell it and move on.

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It is a 2018 330e demo car. I think its crazy they are only offering 9 percent off MSRP.

Put the ball back in their court and keep shopping. They will likely come around.

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good call - thanks.