Help with Lexus NX lease in GA!

Hello everyone,

My lease is ending and I am hoping to lease a Lexus nx in Georgia. There are actually a ton of Lexus dealerships in my area but I’m getting horrible offers and have walked away from 2 dealers already. The best I’ve been offered for 0 down is like $475 on a base model with an msrp of $38,000. That’s horrible, especially compared to the deal I got on my current lease that’s ending. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do or offers I can ask for? I did graduate from graduate school in 2016 so maybe I can get the recent college graduate discount? And I saw something about a PGA thing but I don’t know how to get that? Any advice or tips or connect me with a dealer in Georgia would be great. What sort of pricing should I be looking for on an NX with 0 down? 36/10. Fine with 2017 or 2018 though it seems most 2017 inventory is gone.

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I had a written deal on an NXT Sport ($46122) back in August in Ohio.


$439 taxes in with 7MSD’s ($3150), roughly about $470 without security deposits

1st payment down with all inception fees rolled into payments.

I only received the Lexus cash rebate. No military or college graduate.

I thought those 2 dealers in Georgia were supposed to be ultra aggressive? Nalley Lexus - Justin is the salesman?

I ended up going with the RX350 at another dealer.

Hope this helps.

Do you know which Nalley? There are many. I can try them again.

Last month I got 300 ish quote from Nalley for base model msrp 37000. Grad rebate should save you another 25-30.

Would you happen to have that quote so I could use it? They are telling me like $460 0 down for a base…

Sent you a pm with the quote.

I am down in FL and just got a quote for an RX msrp 44,800 sales price 38,800 $450 a month $1100 down 12k/36 no MSD on an RX. I have found the dealers do not seem to be making huge concessions. I have worked my ass off to get the sales price down on that RX and then they go back and add 2k in fees and taxes etc… I have recently requested a quote from JM Lexus to see what they offer. JM Lexus is a Lexus plus dealer meaning there is no negotiation they just give you the price.