Help with lease agreement

Dealer is not explaining the numbers on the lease agreement clearly and the signed work sheet (final offer letter) does not match the lease agreement. What can I do? Contact the manufacturers financial department?


Whats a signed work sheet? Did you sign the lease agreement yet? If not, take a picture to post on here and ask your questions.

You’re getting bambozoled between the lease quote worksheet that the salesperson provided you and the lease agreement in the F&I box

Scan both documents, walk out of dealership, upload here and wait for our instructions :grinning:

I already signed about two weeks ago and never had time to double check since the monthly payment was correct but I have the feeling it was manipulated. For instance, the first month payment was rolled in under “Itemization of amount due at lease signing or delivery”, even though I paid the first month up front. Also, the discounts and incentives do not reflect the worksheet received from the sales rep.

Is it too late to complain?

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

Too late. Gotta just accept it now.