Help with determining end of lease buyout amount

This seems somewhat silly but I’m approaching end of lease and am likely planning to buy out my vehicle with the current market. I’m looking at my lease and realize there is no buy out value listed, so am having trouble confirming what that value actually is.

Agreed price: 42,233
Cap cost: 43,599
Cap cost reduction: 5,126
LEASE TERMS: 36 months, 421.85 per month = 15,186 per month total monthly payments
Total of payments: 21,009

My sense is the RV should be Cap cost (43,599) - total of payments (21,009). Is this accurate? Thank you all.

No, that’s not correct. Your payments may include rent charges and tax.

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No. Your total payments includes rent charges and possible tax, depending where you are. Can you post your contract? It most definitely should include the RV.

The RV is listed on your contract…

I see - that makes sense. I’ve attached the only meaningful info below, which leads me to believe that a page was excluded in the packet that I was given with the RV and end of lease terms.

The 1st picture is not your contract. The 2nd picture is the contract. We need to see the rest of it.

Yep, it’s the only page I was provided. Trying to hunt down copy now from dealer

You were given only a cropped image of a contract?


What car is it? Can you log into your online account to view your buyout amount?

lol right! I was thinking the same thing.

Haha no. But the only other info on that page is the vehicle/VIN and nothing else of substance so I cropped it. I’m sure the RV will be obvious once the remaining pages are obtained - which now makes sense why I couldn’t figure it out.

You probably are not recognizing the RV because you don’t know what to look for. Just post the rest of that page.

Wow only $100 for your trade in.

2-3 years ago, not a lot of trades had equity

What did I bump a 3 yr old thread again? If not, why not point out that trades these days are netting 5k if done right. Not $100. I’m amazed unless this car is horribly underwater that they even bothered with $100.

Literally the first sentence of the thread includes the phrase “I’m approaching end of lease” which means the lease presumably started around 3 years ago.

:point_up_2::point_up_2: Care to share?

Nope, just didn’t read the original post.

Yup I was reading the 2 post which printed out a lease sheet and not realizing it was a 3yr old sheet.

Nothing to do with original Q but for curiosity sake but trade-in value was a placeholder line - I requested the dealer cut me a check for the actual trade in value.

Vehicle is 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Limited with lux II. I already looked at my FCA (lease financer) online account and it wasn’t there. Will have to rely on dealer providing original lease