HELP with Bolt One-Pay Numbers?

Could really use some help reconciling one-pay numbers for a 2020 Bolt, 36/10, one-pay, with Costco and lease conquest. Hoping to get deal done today.

Here’s what I have:

$43,955 MSRP
$39,710 Selling price BEFORE lease cash and incentives

$6,750 lease cash, $3k Costco, $1,500 lease conquest= $11,250.
.00053/53% (down to .00001 for one-pay)

Acquisition fee: $695
Dealer fees: $884 ($399 doc + some BS “security” fee they just spring on me)
MV Registration fees: $405
NJ - No sales tax.

I’m coming up with one-pay drive off of $7,166 ($5,182 lease + $1,984 fees).

Dealer is insisting one-pay is $8,675.

The only way I can get to his number is to jack up the selling price or mark-up the MF, which dealer claims not to be doing. Seems like a decent deal other than BS security fee, with NJ $5k rebate on the back end.

Any help/ideas would be much appreciated. We’re going back and forth via email and the dealer is getting testy. All numbers are confirmed in email, but he won’t send a worksheet.

Here’s the calculator:

What dealer is this, you can PM if you prefer. I’m just curious as to who might be doing this. The money factor is obviously jacked to the max, which I believe would be 00153, dropped back down with the One Pay reduction. Have they confirmed the money factor before and after the One Pay reduction? Is your credit Tier 1? That’s really the only possible explanation with the numbers you have provided.

I get $8638 as a one pay with 100 points of markup. 00153 reduced to 00080.

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Remember you only have to get the mf down to .0074 so maybe negotiate it down without demanding base.

I don’t think it works that way, @ethanrs made it sound like bumping it up to 00074 and back down to 00001 doesn’t really benefit the dealer. Either way I would look for someone else to deal with if they won’t give you the base money factor (or equivalent) and ditch the security system. It’s a pre-paid Bolt lease lol… Nobody is gonna steal it or repo it. And even if stolen your insurance would take care of it.

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I agree just telling the OP not to make their last stand fighting for base.

Does this deal have a supplier code attached? If so I would push for the 75 dollar doc fee if they won’t budge on the security system as well as the money factor markup.

Thanks, all! Dealer claims the MF is .00001, reduced from .00053. That’s what’s so weird. Yes, tier 1 credit. I asked him to humor me and give me a monthly instead of one pay and we’re within a couple dollars of each other. So he’s not trying to mark-up the MF on a straight lease.

Any opinion on overall deal assuming he sees the error of his ways? This is NJ, so $75 doc fee is likely no-go. The $485 security fee was the undisclosed surprise. Pure profit obviously but $60/month all in probably not worth arguing too much about. OMG…I can’t believe I just typed that. Scratch that…

Something isn’t adding up. My suspicion was that maybe they didn’t know how to do a one pay, but this deal would be $233 a month sign and drive, which comes out to $8,155 if you multiplied that by 35 payments. I’d hold out until you see a lease sheet. And my two Bolts were both leased in NJ with supplier codes, 75 dollar doc fee. There are loopholes but supplier caps the fee at 75, so they could always just take the capped fee if that’s gonna make or break the deal. They’re making around an extra two grand on you here when you add up the extra interest charges and the useless security system.

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Thanks. There’s no supplier pricing involved, although I do have a code. Selling price of nearly 10% off MSRP beat supplier #, but good to know about $75 cap. SP claims they’re at buy rate on the MF, so maybe whoever is desking is marking up and not telling him. No idea what the “security fee” is for, but sounds like etching or similar scam. My intention is to make that go away, whether they want to delete the fee or lower the selling price. I don’t do deals with marked up MFs as a matter of principle, so if that’s what’s happening I keep shopping.

Have you mentioned the code yet? If you want to keep it simple just tell them to get you to $7,166 using the code or you’ll keep shopping.

They can stack the code to go deeper in some cases. Adding a supplier code shouldn’t hurt the deal at all, it might only help by a few hundred but it will help.

Thanks. I thought supplier didn’t stack. Good to know. That’s why I’m here. :smile:

It’s basically just a chunk of money that GM kicks back to the dealer. They can pass all, or some of that money back to you within the confines of the deal. Some dealers will either not understand that or pretend that they don’t understand it.

I had a similar situation with my one-pay deal on a fully loaded Premier $44k MSRP (in FL). The way I got it them to budge from around $9k to $7k one-pay was by getting the selling price down from around $30k to $28k. That did the trick.

And doesn’t NJ have no sales tax on EVs? This should be way lower than what they are quoting, not i’m not sure where else the money is hiding.

I’m already at $28k and change selling price after incentives. They’re marking up the MF for the one-pay and swearing they’re not.

To try to see where they were messing with things I had them quote me a standard lease and it matched the calculator. The total of the 36 payments at .00053 is around $400 LOWER than the one-pay that they swear is at .00001. Weird that they would go to all that trouble to mark up the one pay but offer me a regular lease at buy rate. I would think they’d be consistently slimy.

I told them to be fruitful and multiply, but not quite in those exact words.

Just a thought, did they check the taxes? I know on my last Bolt they had me come back to fill out some tax exempt form that GM Financial was asking them for. It sounded like it was because of the One Pay but I’m not entirely sure of that.

Running those numbers at a 6.625% tax rate gets you pretty close to what they are quoting.

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Finally figured out exactly what they were doing. When I took out the bogus “security fee” they included on the regular 36-pay lease, their one-pay number was exactly $2,000 more than the calculator. They weren’t messing with MF. They were just throwing a $2,000 down payment in and hoping I wouldn’t notice. So, assuming their profit is the same regardless of whether it’s a one-pay or not, they were padding the one-pay with an extra $1,515 of profit – $2,000 less the $485 security fee.

I don’t understand how they would pull that off though. The security fee, OK. But can they even add cap cost reduction to a one pay? It wouldn’t make any sense.