Help with bmw 540i

Looking at 540i with
MRSP of $61,565.00
Discount $6000
Rebate $4250
Adjusted price: $51,315
MF: .00185
DAS: $3000
$601 monthly including CA tax

Wondering if this seems ok for CA. Noticed many people are getting more discounts in other states… Dealer told me lease compared with 530i will be very similar as incentive on 530i is lower. Should I try and get lower price or would this be the lowest they would go?

MF is marked up I think, base is .00145? The brokers on this forum can beat this price easily. DAS is high. I would just go through them or @BMW_Dave will make it happen.


Thanks for the info

Correct, MF is .00145 - deal can def be beaten.

And try for a bigger discount too!

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dealer is blowing smoke up ur bum about 530 being cheaper, 530’s usually get more discount off MSRP, but even you can do better. Try cargurus. Is this new or a loaner? going loaner can save you money as well.

Thanks everyone for the info! but I leased a benz C43 yesterday around somewhat similar price

baby amg lol, I don’t blame you though, if you dont need the backseat space the c43 is eons more powerful and fun than the 540i. Congrats

Side note: I saw a dude with a c43 this past weekend at a jersey mikes, I go nice amg you want to gun it from the light? he walks around my car and says “I want no part of that e55.”