Help with an Audi SQ5: Included Lease Sheet

Received the quote below on a 2019 SQ5 Premium Plus with sport package. Not sure why but the Leasehackr Calculator isn’t matching to their payment. Could use some feedback please?

You didn’t add in the audicare and the sheet shows zero drive off, this is close

Hey thank you! Any advice?

Not an Audi expert so can’t say. Did they increase the residual a point for audicare? Is that buy rate on the MF?

IMO, this is a bad deal. With $28k total cost of the lease, offered, I’d recommend walking. You can get same deal at $23-24k, if you look around. In response to questions asked earlier, Audicare is added, and residual is adjusted to 55 (from 54%)in your deal sheet. But discount offered is abysmal, hence I’d walk.
Good luck, it is not always easy to haggle.

I wouldn’t say the discount is abysmal, rather a good start - especially if the car is for you. This is an SQ5, not an A4 or Q5 which the dealer probably has 10 times as many. They are giving you buy rate, and a sold discount. Yes, you might be able to shave off a bit more, but it really depends on what they’re willing to do. Where are you located?

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Salt Lake City