Help with a lease for a 2021 jeep high altitude


Im from Illinois and have
a high credit score and was going to finance through my bank which instantly approved me due to my credit being in the high 850s TransUnion which is what my score was based on, due to having previous auto loans etc, but decided to want to lease instead , I put together a Jeep Wrangler high altitude package that came to $54,000 and for 36 months and 12,000 miles and the residual will be around $37,000

Now i didnt let the dealership run my credit because i told them that i had been pre approved elsewhere but wanted to know what kind of incentives I can get if I lease through them with top tier credit and once we can agree and negotiate then we can do that step

I was going to put down $2000 but
They said to lease this jeep
I would have to put down $10,000 in order for my my monthly to be around 500 something a month, but as of now the monthly is $877 out the gate! (not included taxes and fee) And that jeep holds its value well and that there are not really any dealer discounts, and anything from the manufacturer no veteran discounts , but they still wanted to run my credit , but i was so turned off i actually left

Am i missing something? why am i putting $10,000 on a jeep Wrangler high altitude ? Especially if the difference is around $17000 im using to rent it (not including fees and taxes)

I might as well finance , but im new to the jeep world and didnt want to marry into it just yet

Im also based in Illinois

Any advice on this would be helpful

In addition to what is in that thread, I also know someone who got 9% off at Button Jeep in Kokomo, IN. So maybe try them.

get a HA 4xe the 7500 tax credit gets applied to the lease as a rebate. order it if no dealer will play ball.

56069msrp cost me 499 a month 36/10 first month only at signing.

im sorry, can you give me more details, as in order it from jeep’s website?

@Clutch pay him and save yourself a headache.


Red flag! Run away from this dealer as fast as you can!

i did! i ran away in HYBRID MODE

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