Help with a 2019 vw gli PA

I’ve started to deal with a local pa dealership for a gli for my wife. I’m new to leasing and I see everyone getting good deals so I’m here asking for help!

This is a screen shot of what the are offering. I think it’s way way to high. Trying to figure out what I should go after first.


Just finance for 60 months of you must have the car…

Needs at least 10% discount… it’s a Jetta GLI. Even the GTIs are found with 15% discounts easily and they’re better than GLIs.

Get rid of the additional capitalized items.

Cross shop other dealers.

This is a candidate for worst lease thread.

Pls don’t lease this car…

I know it was a terrible deal. The wife is in love with it, I’m trying to talk her into anything else.

I know for a fact dealers are discounting this car. gLIs traditionally sell poorly. Shop it around and finance it if you must have it.

Both GLI and GTI will lease terribly.

See if she likes BMW 328d. May be the last week they’re leasing great.

First, regardless of whether you lease or buy, you can get a better discount.

If you want this car, I’d encourage you to throw some money down and finance it.

These cars are never going to lease well, and the dealers aren’t giving all that great of discounts as the car has only been out for a few weeks. I’d suggest waiting for a few months and then PURCHASING.

Do she need a car now, and did you show her the numbers? The GLI just came out and has been long-awaited (IMHO), so, on top of VWs not traditionally leasing well, you’re not going to see any discounts presumably for months.

VW does offer hefty financing discounts, so I’d recommend waiting until the summer or winter to see what they’re offering (and financing, esp b/c of the long standard warranty).