Help with a 18 320xi


2018 bmw 320xi
So I’m talking to a dealer about this loaner car. It has under 3k miles. I see people get 24 month leases for less with the same mileage.

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MF marked up to the max. 36 months instead of 24. Less than ideal discount

Look at my post just leased one 44xxx msrp for 280 nothing DAS in NY

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Discount (17%) isn’t terrible for a loaner… 20% off isn’t the norm unless it’s been sitting for a long time…you should also drop the acquisition for a .0005 MF penalty and ask about MSDs (once you get the to quote it with base MF)

The $600 maintenance I assume is some add-on… drop that too.

You should be able to get a 330i for the same price. Keep shopping.