Help with 2020 MDX w Advance package - Florida

I’ve been shopping all day for a 2020 MDX w/ advance pkg in central Florida. So far my best deal is:
MSRP: $57100
MF: .00225
RV: 54% (30800)
Sales price: $45145
36 months/ 12000 miles
They are looking for 2000 DAS which includes the starts (1st payment) etc.
$639 includes tax

They are crying a river that they are losing so much money on the deal. I’m hoping to get to $1000 DAS @ 550 a month tax included. Any prayer of getting there?


What dealer? We are looking for a similar vehicle in central FL.

I’ve been dealing with Fountain, Jenkins and Regal. So far Fountain has been the best to deal with.

This is the top trim level, right? Honda and Acura top trims are usually the worst due to lower RV

I don’t see you getting another $80 out of this deal.

My wife just got out of her RDX and when comparing prices on the MDX advance it wasn’t worth it, for the money we went with the X5 which only turned out to be $50 more a month for a much newer and nicer truck since we could live without the third row.

Yeah I’m starting to think it’s a lost cause. If you don’t mind me asking (we are on a leasing forum after all) How did you do on your X5? We could live without the third row also, but the RDX was just a bit too small overall. The main items my wife wants are the around view monitor and the safety features (blind spot, lane departure, etc)

Last month Volvo XC90 and 60 were both leasing well

My deal was here but last months programs were better.

The car lightly optioned was just the right combo for her. She didn’t care about fake leather cause she’s vegan anyways.

Either you crack the dealers or they crack you.

Looks like the dealers are cracking you.

Get professional help.