Help with 2018 Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium Lease

I just started my search and sent a few emails to local dealers asking for quotes and got this “quote” from one that seems too good to be true. What am I missing here? Seems like this quote is significantly lower than any invoice price I can find online or even True Market value on Edmunds. The quote is like 20% off MSRP. This must be too good to be true? Anything I should be looking out for?

2018 Forester 2.5i Premium CVT
CBS Crystal Black Silica BLC Black
Option Package 13
All-Weather Package FD8
Popular Package #2A
QGJ Ext Mirror w Appro Lt/Compass 0H2 Mirror Compass w/ homelink PGE Rear Bumper Cover MGA Seat Back Cargo Net 04Q Seat Back Protector
MGD Cargo Tray
OGA Luggage Compartment Cover

Dealer gave me a quote of $23,194. Email also says that “quotes include destination/delivery fees.” Based on this, my math comes out to:

MSRP $28,713
MF .00045
RV 59%
Sale price of Car: $23,194
Total Fees: $1,055 ($595 acquisition, $80 doc, ~$380 license/reg)
Adj. Capitalized Cost: $24,249
Total Lease Payment including Taxes: $242.04 (using 9.25% sales tax)

Since I am attempting to communicate w/ the dealers via email… what should I be asking for from the dealers to find out whether their “quote” matches up with the monthly payments I’ve calculated? Should I just ask them to breakdown the lease deal based on the quote they gave me? I’m skeptical because I was looking to negotiate ~15% off MSRP at the lowest end (since it seems based on Edmunds/True Cars that 15% off MSRP would be considered an awesome deal), but the first quote the dealer sent me without me even negotiating anything was almost 20% off MSRP.

Any help or advice is appreciated! Thanks all.


I think its pretty decent deal :slight_smile:

Just tell him “I’ll take it if you confirm my numbers” and send him your breakdown.
p.s. Make sure he did include freight in his quote.

Thanks for the response. Have been following lots of your advice on this forum so it is greatly appreciated.

By “freight” do you mean the delivery/destination fee? The email did specify that the quote includes the delivery/destination fee, so I do think it was included. Or is the freight fee separate from that?

Yes, delivery/destination fee. They may claim he “forgot” to include it.

Confirm that the sales price is valid on a lease as well. There may be different incentives for purchase vs lease.

It’s always the same Subaru. They don’t have special cash incentives on finance vs. lease, but doesn’t hurt to confirm. I think they may be getting desperate to move 18 Foresters with 2019 coming in.

Great, will definitely get him to confirm the sales price is the same for the lease as well and if that’s the case, looks like I can’t pass this one up!

@Ursus since I have your attention for a second, do you know why the leasehackr calculator does not include a rent charge? I know you had posted the RWG calculator, which is also the calculator I based my numbers on, but have been wondering why leasehackr does not include a rent charge when RWG does and it seems to be standard to have that rent charge tacked on to the monthly payment. Thanks in advance!

It does not show it, but does include it. It gives me $249/mo with zero drive off, so the same as your numbers with first month due.

@Ursus Ah, I see what I was doing-- I was not checking the “Zero Drive Off” box in leasehackr which was why the monthly payments were lower than with RWG. Thanks!