Help with 2018 Nissan Leaf future contract lease

Happy Friday Hackers,

I reserved a 18’ Nissan Leaf at the end of September and the dealer has been in contact weekly since. Picked out color, features, charger options, etc. and they advised if I want I can submit my credit app Nov 1st.

Has anyone else reserved a Leaf?
Will I be able to post the lease deal here “Before” I agree and sign? I want all the help I can get.
I’ve never leased a car in my life and have been researching pro’s and con’s for 6 months. I’ve been without a car since May 2017 having sold my 15’ Honda Sport knowing I need to leave combustion behind.
I don’t ever want to own a car again. The technology is changing quickly now.

Have a great weekend Hackrs!

Embrace the green

Embrace the ridiculous price if you plan to get it anytime soon. Just for reference, the Bolt leased in the $500s when they first came out. Now the lease in the $200s and will be $100/month “soon.”

After “reserving” a 2018 Nissan Leaf I finally got a lease quote. The quote was for $3975 down and $438/month for an SV w no addln packages. I pointed out to the dealer that Nissan is advertising $229/mo for an S and $339 for an SV and told him there was something wrong with his calculations. I asked him if he was not taking off the Fed tax credit. He said he was. Residual on car was $10,928 after 36 months. What gives?

Anybody have any idea what the 2018 Nissan Leaf lease program really is or where I could get a better deal? Thanks.

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Wow… can that residual be true? 34% for a new model redesign? That sounds like it would be the residual for the outgoing 2017MY, anyone know what that one was?

Hi Lee,
Sorry to hear of your troubles with Nissan. I have had similar problems ever since I made that reservation.

I was overly confident with my verbal ‘agreement’ with my Nissan Dealer in Norther Ca.
They are now very cagey when I call to ask where my reservation is on the 2018 Nissan Leaf “SV” and why the price went from $32,890 for the 18’ SV, to the new $35,655 (on ad Nissan of Sacramento). Then you have to add Quick charger.
I was advised "you are mistaken, it has always been $35,xxx " .

Double speak from car dealers after getting so many people interested is duplicitous,
and gives them a bad rep. I should not be angry I guess. MY model 3 reservation started at $35K, but by the time it came out they advised , you won’t be able to drive it from the store for less than $42K.

The sad residual of 31% on the Leaf just gives them that much more to hit us with financing the depreciation lemming stone that is the new leaf .
I have contacted no less than 2 brokers (won’t touch the 18’), and 3 salesmen (all said encouraging remarks about what a bargain it was at the current price ).
Apparently Elon must have spit on the floor of the Nissan plant? or at least drove by and threw out a spacex toothepick LOL
The Nissan interenet sales mgr in vacaville, Ca. was the only 1 to be straight up with me about pricing, and actual arrival details (he even knew when the current deliveries arrived at port of LA)
If you want his name PM me. Otherwise I would consider looking at realistic numbers from existing other cars in the EV arena.
My fleet contact advised the first Leaf’s to hit the lot will be marked up a lot.

I’m looking at the VW eGolf …but those poor monkeys breathing diesel in the gas testing. how could VW do that? Is this a new way to cheat the exhaust regulations? sick.
I’m leaning back towards the ultra bouncy, somewhat toy looking Kia Soul EV+ Hamster van as a backup.
If you can wait till fall I believe there are some new arrivals in the EV arena.

Thanks. The dealer did come back after I suggested his calculation was off with an offer of $360/mo for 36 months and $3975 down. I decided to wait until late fall.


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2018 Nissan Leaf -

Nissan seems to be using a lot of bait on their websites.
The website for Nissan Sunnyvale shows inventory of at least 5 (2017) .
I called and they offered to order my Leaf for me.

This is why I’m seeing inventory on several Nissan websites.
They don’t have the vehicle at all.
Classic Bait and Slap lol (ok switch)

I had a similar experience with a bait and switch at Autocom in Oakland. The first time they brought out the numbers to me, they were claiming the loaded SL (MSRP 38760) would be leasing over 600/mo. WHAT!

They spent a while in the back, and came back with numbers that were 521 with 4k down. Still, this is a ridiculous price.

I understand that it’s hard to get prices lower than MSRP when the cars first come out, but it definitely feels like a bait and switch when the Nissan website is offering 4k down 355/mo (no tax, title, license fees, so assume that would be closer to 390/mo) for the SL without tech, but the closest the dealer is coming with the MSRP about 1500 higher is 521? No thanks. Looks like it’s time to play the waiting game.

Nissan website listed the basic S model $229/Month and top end SL $355/Month with $3,979 initial payment but that excludes taxes, license, and title.

Today, I took a test drive and liked the car. The initial quote, I got on SV was ridiculous, I think they quoted around $650 with $1000 down. Later they presented me with a new quote for S - $357/month with 0 payment. The MSRP is $32,845. See complete details below. does this look good?

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