Help with 2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland Lease in MA

I just got a quote of $464

MSRP: $42,190

15K Miles
36 Months
Zero Down
Includes all Fees and Taxes
Just 1st Month Payment to drive off lot

This is in MA and my last lease was a Cherokee limited so I have lease loyalty included.

What do we think?

Looking promising but what are the details such as sales price, mf, rebates etc?

I am actually not sure…he just called me back and gave me the final number but did not mention those other details.

Should I point blank ask him? What was the final sales price and can you breakdown the rebates used and MF…something like that?

MSRP 42k…are you sure its an overland?
Overland residual is %53 for 15k miles and money factor .00006
Limited money factor is .00001 i believe.
this is for Chrysler financing

Depends on the lender - US Bank usually has a higher mf but a ton more IDL cash.

Does that sound high or low?

This is for the Cherokee not Grand Cherokee

It has the Technology group and Panoramic Sunroof on top of the Overland Package


I am not familiar with IDL Cash…can you elaborate?

IDL cash is non captive lender monies.

So Chrysler has Chrysler Capital has X rebates but they also set the MF and residual.

Ally and US Bank set their own figures so FCA offsets the loss with IDL cash.

If you have a local credit union that is partnered with the dealer, you can pair them with IDL cash.

sorry i misread your post, then forget the numbers i wrote for the grand cherokee.

No worries…do you have figures for the Cherokee?

Where do you get this info from? Another forum? Happy to look myself if you can point me in the right direction.


Edmunds has forums with accurate information, also post here and couple of people can provide current numbers. I don’t have Cherokee info.

How else would you ask :slight_smile: Just tell him, I would like to know how you arrived at the payment. I just need the numbers so I can compute it myself. The items you need are on Leasing 101, how to calculate lease payments by hand on this website

Your right!!!

Here is what I got from our most recent convo

Residual 48%
MF: .00006
$4,000 in rebates including lease loyalty

Not sure if I got all the items needed but what do you guys think of this now? They are saying its the lowest and best they can do but we all know that is a common saying so I want you guys to tell me if it truly is the best deal out there on this vehicle.

The MF is great (0.144% interest rate) but the RV of 48% basically kills any real deal that can happen. At 53% above you had a slim chance to get it to under $400 which would be a fairly good deal for a Jeep @ 15k miles. But at 48%, you add $2,109/36 = +$59/mo

The only way you can make this better is to find out more breakdown

  • What is the selling price BEFORE rebate (basically any discount off MSRP “off the bat”)
  • Then the rebate (you have this)
  • What are the “fees”? If they have some garbage in there you can take out to make up the $2,109.
  • They include the fees into your payment because the MF is so low (which is good). If you have a high MF, then including fees in the drive-off is bad. But this also makes it easy to stuff it with random stuff

Maybe @CDJRElliott can help you out here better

@shuki… Let me take a look at my inventory and see if we can do a little better for you…

What is your Zip Code?

Take a look at this one:

Window Sticker

On-line pricing

Tips: Make them do better than the Costco price. If you don’t have a membership, it is worth getting one and going through Costco Auto. They’ll send you to an authorized dealer who will get you the Costco price. Your chosen dealer will be able to do better than that, plus take your doc fee off the sales price., enter your email for them to send you info on the Cherokee. In a couple days, you will get an email like this with an extra $500 to stack on top of the $4000.

Thank you for the thoughtful reply…I wasn’t even thinking that they can inject junk fees into the deal so now I do…Thank you!

Zip code is 02461 but I can travel to NH, RI, ME or anywhere in MA if the deal is good…Thanks for looking into it for me.

Thank you! I will do that now