Help with '19 Tacoma Lease Please

I’m in Michigan. If I were closer to @Jrouleau426, I’d go to him and skip the dealership hassle. But, because traveling to him would be a bigger hassle than negotiating with local dealerships, I get dealership hassle.

I was offered a 24/10 lease through Ally on a Tacoma TRD Sport 4WD Double-Cab, MSRP $39,776 that is absolutely unacceptable. I’m here to ask for help / advice on the negotiable portions of the deal.

Dealer Discount: I believe the bare minimum I should accept is 10%, but shoot for 12%? Is 12% realistically achievable in metro Detroit? Their current offer is well under 10% discount, and there’s no chance I accept that.

Money Factor: They tell me the Ally Buy Rate is .00293 (~7.04%). It’s easy enough to find the buy rate for TFS on Edmund’s, but I’m having a hard time verifying this is accurate for Ally. If they lied to me, I’m done with this dealer and they know that, so I suspect that’s actually the buy rate.

I expect the Ally buy rate to be higher than the TFS buy rate because their residuals are so much higher than the TFS residuals (Ally is 84% & 83% on 10k and 12k miles respectively).


I can ship you one through TFS without you having to go to dealer.

Michigan is pretty easy and shipping is less than $700 from Boston.

Sports are leasing very well this month through TFS.

You want to go through ally this month. Waived acq and dispo fee, no msds needed and gap included. In Michigan for 24/10 shoot for 280/mo with just first month das

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Thanks, I’m coming up with something quite a bit lower than $280, I think, if that’s actually the buy rate.

MSRP $39,776
Dealer Discount -$3,977 (10%)
Incentives -$1,750
Tax on Incentives $105
Fees & Taxes $330

Cap Cost $34,484
Residual $33,412 (84% at 24/10 with Ally)
Depreciation $1,072
MI Tax on Depreciation $64.31 (6%)

Money Factor .00293 (Ally, 7.04%)
Finance Charge $4,774

Monthly Principal $45
Monthly Finance Charge $199
Monthly Tax $3

Monthly Payment $246 (includes tax)

Maybe I calculated something wrong or 10% discount is too much to expect? Payment gets to around $280 with an 8% discount.

Are you sure the residual is correct? The highest I see for the Sport is 82% in their guide…

$246 is the quote you are getting from the dealer? What’s the issue with that?

1500 rebate in my region.

$246 is what I calculated. If the dealer gave me that quote, I would have signed already. Their quote was a lot higher than that and it excludes some crucial detail that I need to get from them tomorrow.

I got the Ally residuals from the dealer: 24/10 is 84%, 24/12 is 83%. Understanding that residuals are not negotiable, I don’t question them.

My two main questions, from which I can properly calculate a good lease deal myself, are the Ally buy rate for the vehicle & term and if a 10-12% discount on this vehicle is realistic.

Rebate is definitely $1,750 here in Michigan.

I settled for around 9.5% without much back and forth on an Off Road last month so I think 10% is certainly doable.

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Not familiar with MI tax laws on leased vehicles. Is only the depreciation taxed or is the monthly payment taxed? Depreciation+rent charge…

I think it’s both actually. Corrected my spreadsheet. Thanks!

No problem. And I believe MF is correct. Good luck

If I look at invoice - holdback, I think 10% is unattainable. Invoice seems to be 93% of MSRP on the base model. Holdback, near as I can tell, is around $750, which is another 2% of base MSRP. Barring some other way for dealers to get money on the car that I’m unaware of as of yet, 9% discount seems to be about the best that’s going to happen.

Congrats. This is correct way to do this. You got all the numbers and understand the calculations plus you are asking BEFORE the lease not after you signed.

It’s my second lease in 2 months. Yeah, have to do the research in advance to avoid the inevitable tears over getting destroyed financially because I took the first offer or whatever. :slight_smile:

The force is strong with this one. I think you can grind the Tacoma deal to under 250 with some work if the dealer let go at 10% off…


10% won’t happen, I don’t think, given invoice & holdback. If I can get them to 9% I’ll be at 265 before tax with only first DAS.

This is a bit of a fun game though.

Invoice and holdback only tells so much of their true cost. Manufactures offer dealers extra bonus and incentives on sales numbers… some will take a small loss to hit those numbers. Given that your in MI you may be at your discount limit. Other areas are able to attain 11-12% discount

Yes, it’s much more fun doing it all over email instead of sitting at dealers. You have all the leverage and it’s pretty easy to walk away. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So… cast a wider net, you’re saying? :smiley:

I’ve stopped giving a f* about pleasantries:

I would like an offer for a 24/10 lease with only first payment due at signing on stock #___. You can assume my credit is top tier. When I leased a new car in July, I asked the same question of a handful of dealers. Most went super high for whatever reason. One went straight to a great deal. I took delivery from them the same day. You should be that dealer for this lease.

I actually don’t care how they respond to that. They either give me a number that I’m willing to consider or I’m done with them.

I don’t need to do this deal that badly.

I like that. Well stated.