HELP! What CA Toyota dealerships offer to lease through a credit union?

I’m located in NorCal and I’m looking to lease a Toyota Tacoma or a Tundra. It looks like credit unions offer higher residuals by about 6-8% over what TFS is offering. The challenge is finding a dealership that does their lease financing with someone other than TFS.

Any help is appreciated!

I would call the credit union to see if they can refer
you to any dealerships that they recently worked with and start from there.

There is a website that was posted on here that is a credit union broker - they don’t work with an credit unions in CA yet. I’m hoping I don’t have to aimlessly call all the local credit unions and talk to people that aren’t knowledgeable - a few Toyota dealerships didn’t know what I was asking…

If they do not use credit unions see if they use US Bank. Others have posted pretty good deals with USB on this forum.