Help? Want to get out of Prepaid Lease. Options?

2016 Malibu LT lease (the old model (limited?) I picked up last year for a killer deal. I prepaid the whole lease to lower MF but life’s changed and I don’t really need the car, what can I do? (I only paid $2400 including taxes so less than $100 a month) Residual is higher than its current value so I don’t think it makes sense to buy it out and sell it, and I doubt dealers will give me anything for it. KBB lists its value at 15500 and buyout is somewhere around 16800.

Go to one of those swapalease sites. I’m sure someone will scoop it up at that price.

Get a free appraisal from Carmax, Beepi, and other car buying services.

Are you planning to replace it with another vehicle? If the offers you get still come up lower than the residual, you can use the car as a bargaining chip to close a deal on your new car. Just negotiate without mentioning a trade, and when you find a good deal, let the salesperson know that you are ready to sign immediately if they are willing to buy your Malibu for the payoff amount.

For less than $100 a month you should be able to get someone to take over the lease on craigslist

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I agree with vhooloo

Skip swapalease or leasetrader because you paid so much out of pocket already. (Unless you’re really lucky on convincing someone to form you a lump sum on top of the monthly- really good luck with that.

And as someone already mentioned- visit Carmax and see what’d they give you.

Also try The websites VROOM and

I be interested to discuss this more with you…sent you a PM

How many months and miles are left?

If u in nj… I’ll have somebody in no time… Pm me

If you’re in Cali we’ll take it. Months and miles?

2 days
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I would agree on the power but I already have a Ferrari with 651 HP so it doesn’t make sense to get more fast cars.

How do you park the Malibu? Between the Ferrari and the Maserati or in a different garage?

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This guy… No this is for my siblings. Good car for a student

They’re lucky to have you as sibling :slight_smile:

I live in colorado, have little over 1 year left on a 10k mile yr lease. Has about 9000k miles. Ends December 2017. Just to clarify there is no monthly payment, I was just stating what I paid. I will check both of your suggestions. Thank you.