Help understanding the lease deal structure

There are $5k in incentives on this Lexus. It looks like the dealer is using that $5k to cover the driveoff, with $3757 of it as cap reduction. Is this the best way to do it for me, or should I have all $5k knocked off the selling price?

msrp is $49094 and discount before rebate is $4037.

Is this a good deal? residual is 54% (7.5k miles) and MF is the buy rate of .00001

for example, if i put all $5000 as a discount off the msrp, and then list the $5k as a taxable incentive, the numbers are way better…

Of course the monthly looks better when you give yourself an extra, non-existent, $5k discount.

it’s the $5k rebate that lexus is offering in addition to the $4k discount off msrp. Is that not the right way to view it?

the initial quote she gave me had the rebate as a discount off the msrp.

I see now. The $5k in the taxed incentive box is double counting the discounted sale price. I thought it was just to calculate the taxes due on that incentive.

My original questions still stands… is it better to use all $5k as a cap reduction or as a way to pay off the other driveoff fees, or does it not matter either way?

I don’t think it matters. If you don’t pay the drive-offs, they will just roll it in, which gets charged the same MF and tax anyways.

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