Help please! Sierra Denali Ultimate 4wd

Trying to close a deal on a Sierra Denali ultimate 4wd today. I have had a couple $800-900 per month quotes which I know is insane. This is the best I’ve received so far. Dealers don’t won’t to give real numbers down here in Florida it seems. Where is there room to negotiate here. I’m a Costco member and current VW and Kia lessee

Just got a little better deal sent to me.

The Second Quote is actual Supplier Pricing which is what you should get for being a Costco member… Not sure about rebates in your area but I’m sure you can get them to go down a little more on sales price depending on your market. The rebates included include a competitive lesee program…

The rate is marked up, your true payment should be mid 500s with nothing due at signing with A+ approval

Find a 2017 and ask for sub 500/month with tax upfront. I had that offered twice on ultimates (64k MSRP) and seen it here a few times. If you’re serious and will to sign right away they should be able to make it happen. Might have to look outside of the state but its worth saving 200+ a month.

There isn’t a huge difference on 17s and 18s… Residuals are within 2% of each other and rate/MF is slightly lower on 18s

When I use the calculator I come up with 675 per month. How are you figuring $500s?

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You need more discount from the dealer. Plug in a sale price that gets you to below $500 including rebates and then tell the dealer thats what you want.

what RV did you use?

64 20 character l…

Got them down to $675 with $2500 in lease payments left on my VW rolled in… this is on a 64k ultimate 4x4 in Florida with $500 due at signing

The 675 rolling in that money isn’t that bad of a deal. Always been told Florida sucks for making a deal. I would see if they can do $625 for you taking in the vw.

Don’t have a sheet showing the trade do you?

Just got it. Switched to 10k miles. Here it is.

$591 on a 39/10k without the VW lease involved.

What are the 2500 in rebates avail?

Good question. It was $2000 last I checked… I don’t qualify for much. Costco member, current VW and Kia lessee. That’s all as far as I know. Think they will change it up when I get there?

I think I’m going to take the $591 39/10k and just keep my VW until lease end. It seems like a waste to roll payments into the new lease, pay interest on that, and still have to turn it in 9 months early.

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What resid are you using for 10k?

Did you run this thru the calc?

Please just wait until the end of the year. You could easily get that same truck sub $550 with no money down.

Thank you. I did decide to wait. Especially with the time remaining on my VW, doesn’t make sense to buy now.

Do you think I will get better pricing in this coming December vs waiting until April-July ish?

Interesting turn of events. I had a dealer reach out to me just now with an enticing offer on a DEMO with 3500 miles

$64,745 MSRP
Unknown selling price/discounts/rebates at this time
39 months
10k miles per year
$603 per month and $750 due at signing INCLUDING rolling in $2281 in lease payments on my current vehicle.
So that puts it around $625 per month at $0 due at signing, with $60 of that going to paying off my current lease, so $565 approximately. Does that math look right to you?

How does this deal sound? It is the color I want too, and the other dealers dont have this color.