Help please, new to lease return & idk what to pay for new lease

Hey, so right now im trying to figure out where to go at this point. I have a 16 silverado leased that has 4-5 months left until the lease is up. i want to lease again its just where to go. I have damage to the front driver quarter panel from when someone backed into me. also the tires are def below where they should be… so my questions are:

  1. should i fix the damage to the car on my own (hit and run) or will a dealer take it with damage to it just to get a sale.
  2. should i get a set of used tires before i bring it back or will it be ok to return it like this if im getting another lease.

Also looking around at lease deals on here and all over. looking to pay $410 or less/12k miles a year (what i pay now) for another pickup or one of the base model tahoes (LS?) seen a few out there but wasnt sure if 410 is too low to get into a lease or if its still a reachable number for a pick up/ base tahoe.

Thanks all sorry if its not the best post or if i broke a rule, first post.

The truck is officially GMFs truck. The dealer could take the car for a sale, sure, but are not under any obligation to buy it. If they don’t buy it, it goes to auction and you pay for excessive damage. That means GM will charge you for 4 tires (if less than 4/32 remain) + the front end damage.

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Typically you wait until a lease end inspection which is done about a month before lease end. See how much GM will charge you for the damage and then go get an independent quote to fix it yourself since you have a month left. Compare the price, if its similar, turn it in without fixing to avoid hassle and also just in case they’re not happy with the repair job and avoid further costs.

As for tires, GM requires a certain amount of tire tread left at lease end. If you’re below it, you will get charged for a new tire that’s why many on this forum buy used tires with enough life left on them to pass inspections.

More info here

Also worth noting, GM will waive 500 in damage (tires or cosmetic or a combo of both) if staying loyal