HELP. Owner of Lease Deceased

If he is the one who signed the lease, and there are no other parties as cosigner/co-owner on the lease, they can’t go after anyone once all estate funds have been exhausted and the estate is insolvent. At this point, they would have to write off the remaining loss. If the estate has nothing to begin with (everything was gifted to others in a will, and there were no other assets to sell to pay off any debts), they would have to write off all remaining monies owed, as there is no money to pay debtors.


Sorry to hear about your loss. Very nice to see everyone sharing their experience and trying to help…

not trying to :poop: on anyone, but unless i’m mistaken, nobody who answered here is an estate attorney and their answers should not be used for decision making.

To speculate whether or not HFS is going to go after estate etc is pointless.

This is a contract/legal matter, only an attorney, specifically estate attorney should give you advice on such a matter.


technically swapalease or leasetrader are just advertising websites, they do nothing in terms of the process. In my opinion your best bet would be to advertise there and maybe say pickup only, though with a cr-v depending on the lease payment relative to other cr-v leases you’re definitely going to have to throw some incentive in there.

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions. I spoke with my estate lawyer and he advised me to stop paying for the car and he will send a formal letter to Honda explaining that there is no estate nor is there anyone who can continue making the payments. Honda cannot force me to transfer the car into my name, pay the taxes that correspond with that process, or register/insure the car under my name. Worst that can happen is my grandfather’s credit score will go down, which doesn’t matter at this point. I’ll update this post as time goes on and I find out more with the hopes that this information will be useful to others in the future. Thanks again, everyone!


@Yamaha i think that’s probably sound advice coming from an attorney.
Sorry again for your loss. Keep us updated.

I’m not 100% positive, but isn’t gap insurance covered on a Honda lease?

I’m not telling you how or what to do, but it’s simply another solution. Cheers

Yes, Honda does have GAP insurance. On the contract, it says GAP insurance would cover the cost of a new vehicle (should it be stolen/in an accident); however, the driver MIGHT be responsible for paying the difference between what the old car is worth vs. the new car. Reading the fine print is always important!

I use to be a loan officer and debt collector. As long as your name is not on the lease they cant fine or sue or ask you pay the rest of the money owed. They will 100% write it off because they technically still own the car. Dont worry about it. They will try to trick you into paying the rest of the payment but you are NOT obligated to pay one dime. Death is one part of the risk of loaning money and they know is non recoverable.

I agree if there is no estate. Turn car in and move on. Debt collectors will tell you anything to think you should pay. Not your problem and your name is not on lease…

First off, talk to an estate lawyer…internet is fine for research, but when you need a professional opinion go hire a professional.

Having said that, I wonder what happens to debts after an estate is distributed. Say parent dies, leaves 100000 cash (entire estate) for son…son gets money. But at same time, there is 50K in credit card debt. After the monies are distributed, can credit card company go after beneficiaries to recoup that money?

Yes they can go after the money disbursed by the estate and whoever executes the will/administers the estate for the 50k debt…

So the solution would be to give money to your heirs before you die and die absolutely broke with lots of debt … :slight_smile:

Drop the car off at Ursus’ house - he will take care of it :slight_smile:

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