Help on translating the deal on an X1 demo deal

I need some help trying to translate this deal. From my understanding, shouldn’t the BMWFS credit be taken off the gross cap cost? I had also asked for 0 down, but I guess that got ignored. I have been trying to negotiate based on Honcker prices.

Seems to be a sign and drive quote.
You have $3000 rebates ($2000 factory + $1000 recent Grad I guess?) it pays your first payment and the rest goes toward Cap cost reduction.
MF is marked up, base rate is .0015x I think. Getting base rate will save you about $26/month+tax. I assume the car has less than 500 miles so no milage penalty in residual.

They also have a BS after markets cost of $995 capitalized. You may be able to catch them on that one too. Ask them what is that and tell them you don’t want any after markets that is not residualized. That will save you another $30/month.

It’s a 2017 loaner with >3k miles on it, so all I have is BMWFS 3k for rebates. I saw the MF, but they are giving me a higher residual since it was like 59 for base rate MF, so I haven’t tried to fight it just yet. I will look into the after market costs too.

They aren’t giving you a higher residual. 61% is what it should be at 36 months/10k.

I am sure in the final contract they have to correct the residual to 59% (or the exact $ amonut based on exact milage) and lower MF to cover for it if the payments want to be the same.

It is a loaner (20 chars)

yeah, I get that. I misread the adj residual amount though that wasn’t changed.

Base rate would be .00156. Likewise, you’d probably save a few bucks switching to a 24 month term.

I’d also assume that 995 is the Freight charge, but would double check to be certain.