Help on lease - Honda HR-V LX 2020

Hi can you please help on a lease deal before i start calling dealerships!? I am located in zip code 07042, New Jersey US.

I plan on leasing a Honda HR-V LX 2020, as its the cheapest and most decent looking SUV on the market.

Based on Kelly Blue Book, the fair purchase price for a Honda HR-V LX 2020 is $21,220.
How much lower do you think I can negotiate it for? I was hoping for 10-12% lower than the fair market purchase price KBB gave me. That would bring me to about $19,100 - 18,700 … then work the money factor and residual value into that.

(.00215 MF and 60% residual)

Also what are some fees that i cant avoid or can be waived upon signing? From what i remember, doc fees, acquisition fees, registration, and license fees are non avoidable which i plan on paying all fees upfront as well as the tax.

Thank you for your help.

The CR-V might lease better right now. HR-V inventory seems pretty low in my area (DC Metro) – The largest Honda dealer in this area has 29 HR-V’s in stock, but 141 CR-Vs in stock for reference, so 10%+ off of the “Fair value” is probably aggressive (Assuming LX AWD, you’re essentially looking for 18.8% to 20.6% off sticker price. Looks like they have loyalty/conquest incentive right now too, so if you qualify, that should help with the payment.

You can roll all your fees into the lease if you would like. Don’t think there are any fees you can waive unless they are protection packages/accessories/vin etc/etc. I personally structure my deals as first month down only, everything else rolled into the lease. A lot easier to compare dealer offers.

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Leasing has only a loose correlation with MSRP, if that’s what this assumption is based on.


Good luck with searching for 10-12% lower than the fair market on KBB. Nobody is going to do it