Help on lease calculation [2017 Buick Encore]

Hi All,

I am looking to lease a 2017 Buick Encore Sport Touring. I got some number from the dealership but the monthly payment is still high $289. I was hoping someone can help point out if all the number is correct. I am trying to negotiate a lower monthly payment but the dealer is not willing to go any lower.

Thank you for your help.

Year: 2017
Make, Model, and Trim: Buick Encore Sport Touring
Months/Annual Mileage: 39/15K

MSRP: $29,740
Rebate: $1,500 (Conquest Rebate)
Sale Price: $26,265 (Include Costco promo)

Monthly Payment: $289
Residual Value - $18,736
Money Factor – 0.001300
Adjusted Cap Cost - $3,325
Acquisition Fee – 0
Disposition Fee – not due until turn-in, is $425- $475
Security Deposit - waived
Other Fees - $75.00 doc fee + title tax and registration ($350).
Final payment would be the same as first payment.
Total due at signing - $698 include First month’s payment

First of all sounds like they giving you a small discount taking into account your rebate. Work there. Check truecar to figure put an appropriate discount. Also at 15k miles your residual will be affected negatively.

Thank you for the information. I might ask for the 12k rate and I don’t think I qualify for conquest rebate so the discount might be even smaller now I think of. So really need them to lower the price some more.

Do you need that particular car? Forum has some great deals going for much higher msrp cars. Just an idea.

No, I decided to move on to Mazda CX-3.Thanks for the suggestion again.

Wise move. Selling Buick for MSRP is ridiculous. Most deals on GM cars go for 20% off :slight_smile:

Saw this post and have a follow up on a deal I’m working on now. I’m new to this and realize now I wasn’t educated at all about leases. I’m trying to figure out what I should pay per month with 0 down at signing.

Here is the lease worksheet.

LOL absolutely not. People have posted their lease details for Buick Encore Preferred for 130 to 150 a month.

39 month… check other thread, there is a lot discussion on encore

Ok thanks. Found the other thread. Yeah they burned me the first time on a 24 month and now they are just matching that deal. Fool me once…