Help on Jeep wrangler unlimited lease suggestion


I’m planning to lease wrangler unlimited and the dealer has given me the quote. Can you please suggest if the quote is right or overpriced in any category?

10k miles/year

Options: Quick order package 24S (auto transmission, power doors/windows, hard top, connectivity group)


That’s a decent discount for a wrangler, id try to get them to drop the drive off and I would say this is a decent deal for one of these.

Thanks willwar14 for your suggestion.

one more thing I noticed is :
48 months x $350 (monthly payment) = $16800
down payment = $1500
Total from above: $18300
residual value = $24,767.55

If I own after end of lease term, it would be $43067 ($18300 already paid + $24,767.55)? Does lease works like that?


That is one way of thinking about it.

At the end of a closed-end lease (99% of all leases), nobody really cares about what you paid prior. All they care about is that are you going to give it back (which now will determine any excess wear and tear and over miles) OR if you want to buy it “as-is” for the agreed upon residual value that is on your lease contract

I didn’t notice it was 48 months, personally I would NOT any lease longer than 36 months. Have them discuss 36 month terms. Once you go outside 3 years/36k miles, it will be out of warranty, and you will be responsible for anything that could possibly go wrong with it.

Good point. U caught it. I was thinking the same. Thanks for conforming . Can’t believe how these guys are fooling…