Help on a Hyundai Sonata LTD deal

I am trying to help a buddy work a deal on a Sonata Limited. I know from Edmonds the rates should be
RV = 54%
MF = .00202
Incentive = $3,750

Based on this I sent an email asking for 10% off MSRP a payment of $277/month. I asked for tax credit (Texas deal) to get DAS down to around $1,200. I got a bad number back with just payments and DAS at 1st so I asked for all the details including MF and RV. This is what I got. It looks like they are discounting the car very well (13% if you take incentives off) but the fees look excessive. I asked for 12k/year and they quoted 10k which Edmonds says is only 1%. This is what I got. Thoughts? According to the calculator I should be around $250/month with those prices and current rates so not sure where they are adding money.

Here is the calculator I ran. Not sure how to incorporate the fees but can’t even get close. Also if anyone knows a better deal on a similar sedan please let me know.

I really need some help here. I am kind of stuck in my conversation with them. I feel like I am close but there are some fees or rates they are hiding. What do I need to ask for to get ALL the info. They did confirm MF and RV to be the same as Edmonds.

You need to ask for a breakdown of those fees. If they are correct, you need to add them to your calculation and the numbers will match up.