Help on 2019 Grand Cherokee Limited lease



No, I totally believed you. In your area, on those vehicles.
Until someone posts from NJ that a Jeep deal was rejected, I’ll keep suggesting it, though. Jeeps are the only halfway decent deals I’ve seen through Honcker anyway. Oh, and some cheaper Kias, I think.


I know who one of the Jeep dealers is, and I can guarantee you that they have rejected deals.


Unless that one jeep dealer has over 100 JGCs and is offering identically equipped units for different prices, I think I get to see from more than one dealer. Since I haven’t actually tried to get one, I can’t say that for sure, of course.


All of the identically equipped units are the same dealer. I know this from asking the dealer lol.


while I have you all,
whats Honcker or the general consensus on pricing potentially doing an 19 Overland instead of the limited w lux2? Dealer says incentives are not good for the overland. just wondering…


Do these prices on Honcker include taxes, title and fees?