Help on 2019 Grand Cherokee Limited lease



NJ buyer here…

Currently at end of lease with a 2015 Overland that I love. Paying 519/mo with intentions to pay less on next lease…

Looking at Limited w Lux 2 package that brings the
MSRP to 45,935. Negotiating a 36 mo /12k.

Dealer offered 455 a month with 2500 down, including first payment, and will pay my last payment on the overland ($519). This is my first negotiation on returning a lease and getting into a new one. I’m skeptical of the numbers , I feel like its still not good enough… can the experts weigh in here?



In here for the info. I am currently in the market for the same Jeep with the Lux II package as well. GL


Hey what jee dealer is that in nj?
Im looking for GC limited aswell


455 with 2500 down is effectively 524/month. As stated in some other GC Limited threads, people at the end of the year were getting high 300/low 400 monthly payments with minimal down. Keep negotiating.


Honcker works well in NJ for Jeep. This is the exact MSRP/configuration. 39 mos is better than 36 right now by about $30.


I went to a volume dealer in NJ and got a great quote, then I brought it to my local dealer to match. If I were you I’d try a massive dealer than focused on numbers. You should be at that monthly with nothing down. GCs lease well in this area.


Which dealer in nj would you recommend?


Not sure why you’d play games when I just showed you an offer on Honcker for the same vehicle for basically $450/mo with $0 DAS. Just download honcker and either click on it or show it to your preferred dealer (through email) and ask them to match. If they won’t click on the honcker offer.


Is that with the lux 2 package?


You realize that Honcker is pretty much broken, any prices you find on it are pretty much useless. If you move the slider to 15k it’s cheaper than 12k… which makes no sense.


Working just fine on the JGC for me.


Nope, it cuts the drive offs by $500


Yes, as I said, same MSRP and equipment as one you posted.


I’d say $410 with $2700 down would be a good deal and if you ever hear we’ll take care of your last payment that’s just bullshit they’ll roll that next payment into this car. And Honcker isn’t broken they actually get very good jeep prices


Like I said, working for me…


Like I said look at the drive offs. There is no reason why 15k should be lower than 12k


C’mon Quentin. You are better than this. Less than $300 decrease in driveoffs does not equate to $30/mo. It is obviously working and NOT cheaper for 15k.


Sorry not on the GC… on other vehicles. The app doesn’t work and the support team knows this. And you know why the drive offs are less? Try leasing the 15k and they will bump it up


Incase you don’t believe me here it is:


Or this, the app is broken: