HELP - newbie - where do I start?


Just starting negotiations - this is what the guy just sent me - unsure where to even begin on this one…

Be sure to specify your location when asking for input on a deal! Tagging by state (e.g. CA, NJ, NY) is mandatory.

How does this deal compare to your target deal based in the current lease programs (rv/mf/incentives from edmunds) and your target pre-incentive discount found from researching comparable deals here?

The best place to start is


Thanks guys - I’ve been lurking this site for weeks but just don’t understand it all.

I’ll dive into those links shortly.

I’d 100% prefer to work with a broker who does understand - but - I have to deal with my trade in.

There are brokers that’ll work with your trade or you can sell it separately

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Keep your trade out of the new deal if at all possible. You’re either going to pay rent charge on negative equity (bad) or reduce your cap cost with a down payment (bad), and 9/10 times you won’t get as much as you otherwise could for it.

You don’t need to pay a broker $500 to lease a mini, you just need to spend some time learning how to get a good lease deal and a lot of time reaching out to a lot of dealers.


I’m not even sold on this one - back to the drawing board!

Ok well definitely don’t waste brokers or our time with cars you don’t even want to lease :roll_eyes:


Noted. My bad. I’ll delete the thread…

You don’t need to delete anything, just don’t be that guy who posts 30 threads on 30 different cars asking the same question in each one :laughing: my advice is find the car that’s right for you and then focus on that. Or if you don’t care that much, check out the marketplace and other forums for what’s leasing well currently.


Thanks… appreciate it. Truly don’t mean to be that guy (or in my case, that girl…no excuse for my stupidity though, :crazy_face:).

My apologies again!!!

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No need to apologize if you listen to advice and learn.

I recommend checking out the FAQ section on the home page, and the bmw leasehacking wiki, it’ll teach you most of the common ground between BMW and MINI leases.

Hah you’re not that girl yet!! :laughing: we are here to help.


Honestly, I’ve got my sights set on a Volvo.

I really look at the calculator and think “WTF does that mean”… :joy:

The best advice I can offer you is this:

Talking to dealers if for finding someone to do your deal, not to ask them what the car should cost. It’s the absolute last step in the process. You first need to figure out what the deal you’re trying to get is. After all, you need to know where you’re trying to get to in order to negotiate it. If you ever find yourself with a dealer offer in hand, asking if it’s a good deal, you’ve gotten ahead of yourself.


Someone wrote a very thorough calculator FAQ to help with that :sweat_smile: Be sure to check it out


I’ll add that everyone should check. It’s possible one could have a clear choice of car in their mind but they don’t realize the premium it costs to lease over their second choice.

People mistakenly assume all the time that because their MSRP are similar two cars will lease the same.


Think about leaving Miami or Florida for that matter if you’re interested in a good deal. I leased my 2019 MINI Convertible S in Alabama and drove it down. Sonic was amazing to deal with and car was exactly what I wanted. Far better deal than what I could have gotten down here. MINIs don’t necessarily lease well because the RV is like most other Germans- terrible. If you have incentives and corporate codes it definitely helps! PM me if you’d like.