Help, Nevada lease deals

I have been watching and reading a lot of these forums and seen some smoking deals. When i go to a dealer not sure if they are just lying or thr deals arent the same.

Example: looking at a lease for Chevy volt LT.
Came at me with 3k down and 477 a month. After negotiations got to 1k down 350 a month. People on here are getting like zero down 199 a month, is it because i live in las Vegas NV?

Thanks in advance,


Anyone help here? Can’t find a good deal.

You’ll have to be very patient or look out of state. I am from Las Vegas but always purchased or leased out of state for the most part. Typically there are 2 dealerships for each brand, especially luxury car brands. The dealers know competition is limited. It’s easier to lease or purchase in a market such as California due to the many dealerships in a small area.

Knew something was wrong, thank you for the explanation

You will need to remember that the best Chevy deals you saw had the now-expired "asian conquest’ rebate which has been replaced by a conquest rebate worth 1,500 less. And it’s very likely those deals were in CA which qualified for state rebates, which you won’t get.