Help needed to get a better lease deal


Current Car Details: 2018 Nissan Rogue SV with Premium Package. Features: All round 360 camera, automatic day night rear-view mirror, fog lights, heated seats, heated steering wheel, blind spot warning, driver power seat with 2 memories, remote start, automatic lift-gate, adaptive cruise control etc.

Location: NJ

Lease details: 3 years (started 01 Jan 18), 45k miles, $415 per months. d/rive Off including 1 month payment: $1801, Residual: $17678

Extras: Has an extended 3rd party warranty for 45k miles.

Current Pay Off: Dealer assisted: $27.6k, Personal: $28.5k (includes tax)

Scenario: I had negative equity in my trade in car of ~4k, so that got rolled into the payment of this lease.

Looking for options to reduce/keep same my monthly cost with a Zero down. I am not picky on model or color but features I need: AWD, 360 Camera, Adaptive Cruse control, 15k miles / year.

Will be happy to provide any additional details.

Since it is year end, I am thinking I may get lucky :slight_smile:

You already seem to have all that on the current car, no? Why are you looking to switch? I doubt your payoff is reachable through any means, did you check the value on Vroom or Carvana? The negative equity that’s rolled in would probably make that impossible, not to mention that you have about 10 grand worth of payments left on the Rogue to deal with somehow.

Hire a broker.