Help needed on what to aim for on WRX or Audi lease

Hello guys I am new here, I’ve been reading the forums and some of the stickied posts. I wanted to see you guys’ opinion on what I am going for on a lease. I’ve been researching for a WRX Premium CVT or an Audi A3 (or even an S3) I was looking to pay no more than $350 a month. Am I being realistic here? They both have an MSRP of around ~$31k.

For the WRX:
Some dealer offered me with $3.5k down, 12k miles, a price of $339 a month. You guys think I could keep that $339 as a sign and drive?

The Audi I haven’t really gotten a quote I wanted to get you guys’ opinion.

I’m not sure how good these cars are f or leases, but I am open for suggestions of what other cars to consider, as long as they are along the lines of the WRX and Audi A3 as a semi sports car.

Thanks in advance!

You can probably get WRX, but not A3.


It’s base 6MT with $1,175 down but gives you idea. Get numbers on Edmunds and use calculator to get to $350/mo.

You might be able to squeak an a3. Point of reference

I would go with a manual over the CVT transmission. But that’s just me.

Sorry double posted

@Stlsub I’m new to this, but are you able to negotiate over these “deal” prices? Maybe I can try and get it at $350

@skrockij89 I live in a big city so I don’t want to be stuck in traffic every day driving a manual. Thats just my opinion.

@Ursus Thank you let me try that. But for example the sales price I have to ask the guy what the sales price is right?

Don’t know how much discount you can get, probably 1.2-1.5K under invoice. It’s not like there are many of them, and they are advertised at invoice. Does Premium even come with CVT? I only see 6MT at couple of dealers. Where are you located?

They are brand new a3’s
There’s always room to negotiate from what I’ve seen.

@Ursus yeah there is premium CVT. The one that doesn’t have is the base model that only comes in 6MT and I am in Dallas, Texas

@Stlsub I am not in that area though so you think I could take this ad and show it to a dealer here?

Personally, I’d consider buying the WRX. Generally the money factor is high on the subarus and the residual, although good, is lower than trade in value. You need to check the lease assumptions and run the numbers. you should be able to get invoice or slightly below on the WRX if you try hard enough at the right dealer, despite it being a “hot” car.

or if you lease you could trade in with positive equity.

Just food for thought. I bought a 2016 WRX STI

I buy Subarus, too. I see dealers advertise at invoice or slightly under, so I think 1-1.2k under should be doable.
@lolpro - I see Premiums with 6MT with eyesight, not base, at around 30k.

1-1.2K under I would think is optimistic on a WRX… but maybe I took a bad deal.

I was $500 under, but with the $300 dealer fee that put me at 200 under. This was on an ordered car back in 2015. At the time you could get a discount on ordered cars and not so much on lot cars.

good luck.

I’m not looking for a WRX, @lolpro is. I get 1.5K under invoice, but on Forsters. Not the same as WRX, of course.