Help need large SUV and my Volvo lease coming up for return

Hello all, Newbie here. I am looking for a lease on a 7 seater SUV make/model does not necessarily matter. we have outgrown our current 2015.5 volvo s60 and are due to turn it in in May. We were contacted by the volvo dealer with a 6 month early turn in offer, but the offer they gave us on the xc90 was pretty high:
$59,990 MSRP
$52,921.61 sale price
53% RV
MF= .00113
Total drive off of $2,500
$645 before tax.

I did have one guy contact me about a 2017 XC90 loaner with 4500 miles but hasn’t responded to me when i said i wouldn’t put any money down.

So anyways im looking now at any comparable suv hoping to get a monthly of around $300 to $400 per month with MSDs if needed.
I am so grateful i found this forum and appreciate any help you guys could give me.
Thanks, and i am in socal.

I would look into a QX60, people have been getting good deals on those lately
That XC90 deal is horrible though

Thanks. I will check some out right now.