Help me with my X7 x40i deal



This is my first time working a lease deal. I’m located in MD looking for an X7. I may be open to suggestions on other larger SUVs but price seems to be same for most of these large SUVs. Stock is git

Here’s what I have so far from a local dealer for a loaner. I know MF is higher than 0.00099 locally. Also, tax is assessed up front on the selling price.

MSRP: 82745
Selling price: 71000

MSRP: $82745
Selling Price: $71000
% off MSRP: 14.2
Months: 36
Miles/Year : 12,000
Residual: 54%
Demo Car Mileage: 2500 mi
Money Factor (MF) : .00139
Multiple Security Deposit (MSD): 0
Zero drive off
Monthly payment: $1065
Leasehackr Score: 7.1 years

Another dealer is at $1399 on an 82k “internet price”, possibly because of low inventory there. Let me know I missed any info.

Do you qualify for any incentives? Have you checked Edmunds? I would also recommend taking a look at some of the broker deals in the Marketplace for comparison.

I don’t qualify for any incentives.

I checked Edmunds and not much data for MD area, unless I don’t know how to search.

Marketplace deals show about 16% off MSRP for slightly lower MSRP and higher mileage vehicles. Not sure how the 2% difference maps to the price and mileage differences.

I’m helping my dad find a 40i for my mom right now in the DMV area so what I’ll say is the discount looks pretty solid for the mileage. Inventory on the 40i isn’t actually that bad relative to the 50i, but scoring a good deal is very difficult in general right now. Lease incentives max out at 1500 this month, but I believe you should be able to qualify for conquest no? Should be 500 bucks in MD.

You are missing acquisition and doc fees on calculator.

Doesn’t conquest mean I should have a competing vehicle? I have a minivan so probably not, but who knows what the dealer may say. I’ll ask anyways

I believe they’re rolled into the selling price. I’ll see if I can get a break down.

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You have to log in and ask for MF and incentives for your zip and lease term on their forums.

That would be strange. Those are separate line items on their software as well as the contract.

First of all, thanks to the marked up MF, they are technically eliminating 2% discount.
Also I am sure they are baking in lease credit or whatever basic incentives in the discount. You need to confirm what is the pre incentive sales price and then stack the incentives. I would be surprised if you get anything more than 11% but ymmv. Remember every 0.002 MF markup kills 1% discount.
Also, every 1% discount reduces your payment by 1%MSRP/36

See what @AutoCompanion can do for you.

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It is $500 regardless of what you drive. I bet they are using it in their total discount.

Confirmed .00099 MF and 54% residual (subtract $500 due to miles) from Edmunds. I’ll go back to the drawing board and see which incentives were applied as well as fee breakdowns

OK, figured it all out. Added the numbers in the right place after receiving the breakdown. The selling price was the rough number they gave me with all the fees and stuff baked in. It still seems like MF is higher than it should be. Price seems to be pretty competitive for the MD area, esp due to the up front tax hit