Help me reconcile actual lease with hackr calculator

2016 Toyota Sienna XLE with Navigation and $795 wear/tear protection

Here is what the calculator says:

What am I doing wrong??

Are you putting $3,385 down?

See #8 on lease paperwork. I put $3500 out of pocket and the dealer had a $1000 credit/rebate.

I entered the “cap cost reduction” from paperwork as the downpayment on the calculator - is this correct?

What you should be doing is playing with the down payment number until the calculated drive off on the right is $3500, as that’s what it shows you would be paying. Then the monthly numbers will be more accurate.

Is the Money Factor correct?

Money Factor =
Rent Charge ($19.08) / (Adjusted Cap Cost $32540.42 + Residual $20674) = .0003485

I thought Money Factor=Monthly Rent Charge ($0.53)/(Adjusted Cap Cost $32540.42 + Residual $20674)=0.0000099597…


Oops. You’re correct.

My goal is to correctly use the calculator next time I have to lease a car, but if I can’t reconcile the calculator with my existing lease, I won’t be able to use it accurately later.

I found this forum after I leased this Sienna.