Help me hack this Ford Fusion Energi Purchase

Hey everyone, I have been looking at possibly purchasing this vehicle. (

I am trying to break down the “Discounts” so I can approach this correctly. They advertise the dealer discount at $5338. I am trying to figure out exactly what this is, I am assuming its the federal rebate they are just applying. Please correct me if I am wrong. I went on Autobytel ( ) to see what rebates qualify, I am having trouble seeing which ones apply and will stack.

There seems to be a Manufacturer special for financing, up to 72mo at 0% with 2000 cash back. I came across this on a different dealers site.

Lastly, I do qualify for CVRP. I was considering another lease hack, but it would be nice not worrying about going over 15k, as we’ve been worried about our current lease.

I appreciate any insight/feedback!

Haven’t you bought several EVs in the past? As far as I know, there’s a limit of 2 CVRPs per person.

Correct, this will be for my wife, so she qualifies.

:+1:. Just wanted to make sure so you didn’t expect it, but wouldn’t qualify anymore.

I appreciate it! Thanks for looking out.

For anyone that is interested in a Fusion Energi Titanium in March, this is the best offer I’ve received yet.

35,570 MSRP
3500 Drive off including 1st, Registration etc. (3500 back in CVRP for me)
189/mo Including tax, effectively 286.22/mo

Trying to get them down a bit more. But 33% residual is just atrocious.

Hope this helps whoever else might be in the market.

What state? What tax rate? Taxes included? My deal was $365 on a 2017 Energi SE with 31% residual (9% CA tax and license incl) and $2k more options than your titanium energi.

CA, 7.75, Yes taxes included

Car residuals overall have been plummeting. But for a example my dad got a hybrid. $2500 ford credit rebate. Car msrp was $35900 and he got it for $27700. He did do a purchase but you can see what the dealer here did as a dealer discount. Only hybrid on the lot and it had been sitting collecting dirt for a while.

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Sub-$300 on a fusion is a good deal my best offer was $310/mo; there is little difference between an Energi SE ‘luxury’ and Energi titanium (with other engines there is a much bigger difference).

The market for plug-hybrids can temporarily create crazy lose-big-money discounts because makers must meet fleet averages so they occasionally dump hybrids and plug-hybrids way below cost (especially the 2017 and earlier Nissan leaf and the BMW i3 Rex).

Yeah, the titanium had everything I was interested in. It is a 2018. I actually got them down to 215/mo including tax. I may pull the trigger tomorrow.