Help me find a new car

Hey Hackers,

I currently have a 2017 Chevy Equinox LT ($205 monthly) that is due back in June '19, which at the rate I’m driving I’ll be 2k miles over come June. GMF offered me a 4 month pull ahead too. I’m looking most likely for a 24/15 (preferred) or 36/15 lease. Registered in VA. All prices are with $0 down, everything rolled in, and I’m down for MSDs.

I can stay with GMF, thus get a new car sooner and get damages (small dent in door) + extra mileage + disposition waived
So I could get a loaded Equinox* (<$300/m), the new Blazer (<$400/m :pray:), or a Corvette Stingray(<$650/m :pray:).

*the Equinox is only an option because its financially responsible to save that money.

Or I can just return the Equinox in June and go with any other manufacturer. I liked having an SUV (it’s functional), though I never really used the extra space daily. I’m open to sedans (i looked at C300 or 3 series, meh) or coupes too. I want something with decent performance and a nice interior. I’m willing to spend at most $650 monthly for the car. The most important factor maybe if it’s a good deal, for example, I’d rather get the Stingray at say $525/m than a loaded Equinox at say $300/m. I’ve learned everything I know about leasing from this forum. I’ve leased a '16 Corolla LE ($150/m), my current Equinox, and the famous '17 Encore $1,800 one pay (effective $75/m).

Range Rover is at the top end of my band, but super nice cars. Infiniti QX50, nice. S60, nice. Stinger is nice but Kia dealers are out their minds. I like the new Audi A4 too.

My dream car would be a new Tesla but I can’t quite afford that (I also don’t have a place to charge it), maybe after this lease. So, if you’re still reading and interested, I need some recommendations on a new car.

Loaded equinox for 300 sounds unlikely… Best I was getting was 1lt AWD with conf and convenience for 265 with tax per month plus the upfront inception fees. And this was Dec plus the 700 costco card. Infiniti deals were awesome last month for nj and ct. Jeep has some decent deals early this month. Otherwise it seems quiet on here

Do you own or lease anything else currently? GM may do the $3,000 conquest rebate in March that is a game changer. GM deals right now are pretty crappy so I’d at least wait until February or March to decide.

Plus, that pull ahead is a private offer worth only about $820 for you. The loyalty and conquest private offers are usually worth more than that, sometimes way more.

yeah I have a five month window to find a great deal from GM, I have a Toyota so Asian Conquest :pray:

Hope people help out because im getting awful deals in VA - $30k jeeps in the high $400’s, $25k ecosport in high $300’s etc etc.

Seems brutal in VA

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From that list I’d focus on A4 and maybe S4…some people have scored good deals on them. A sport sedan is still the best way to find a fun car while retaining some practicality