Help me find a BMW Lease Deal


My 2014 BMW 328i Lease is coming to an end in about 3 months. I got an e-mail today from BMWFS that I can take advantage of them waving the last 3 payments - I have until May 31, 2017 to take advantage of this.

So, can anyone help me score a great deal on a new / demo BMW lease? I’m interested in any 3 series except the 320. Any 5 series… budget around $400/mo.

I’m in So Cal , near LA. I need atleast 12k miles per year, (15k would be awesome!)


@mrkool44 im not from that area, others on this forum can prob guide you in the right direction. I just wanted to remind you to get into a new BMW before the end of this month as BMW is ending the ability to use MSD.

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