Help me assess this 2021 Kia Seltos S Quote

Hi all!
I am based in Los Angeles but have been staying w/ family in the Tucson, AZ area for the summer. I’m looking to see if I can get a good deal on a lease before I head back in two weeks.

I asked for $0 down, 12k miles, 36 months, $240/mo. based on these leasehackr calculations

This is the quote I received from a dealer here in AZ for a 36 month lease (screenshot):

The 1st row of figures is for 10k miles and the second row is for 12k miles. The dealer confirmed that these #'s do not include acquisition fees + taxes/fee and told me that it would amount to about $35/mo. more on top. So for ex. this would bring the $270/mo for $0 down quote up to about $305/mo.

I showed this quote to another dealer in Tucson and he basically said it was a scam and the #'s would change if I go into the dealership. Thoughts? Is it even worth it? Should I wait until I get back to SoCal and see if there’s better deals there?

Thanks in advance!

Discount is weak. You need more.
you also havent included what’s the MF and compared against Edmunds?
Also, I find the quote shady. Why doesn’t the monthly include tax? What doesn’t it include all the fees?
Come back with updates on the above.
I think it might be better working so socal dealers. Maybe talk to @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto

And stop trying to shop the payment only and learn to structure your deal. It will be useful to you to understand how those numbers are coming about.

Thanks, for the Tag, Yes my current pricing is a lot lower than this. Feel free to reach me on PM or at 310-405-3507

Thanks for your assessment and the tag! I will look into MF today.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your response! I will PM you shortly.