Help..Looking for GM SUV deals and lease damage turn in suggestions

I’m in Indiana looking for deals on GM products prefer SUV. Current leasing a Chevy Traverse LTZ ends 6/13/17 (i won’t tell you how much i put down on it…it was before i discovered this amazing site)! I love the vehicle and the features but now I have a feeling it’s back to reality for my monthly budget. I need 15k/miles year and payments $275-$350, I have a gm card rebate $1800 + $1500 bonus that expires 5/1/17 and $500 Farm bureau discount. I also have minor body damage on my current lease $1200 estimate from body shop. Do i worry about fixing it prior to lease end or wait and see what lease inspection holds me responsible for? Thank you!!

GM has a $500 damage waiver if you lease or buy again through them. Is your current lease through GM Financial? If you qualify I would not pay to fix it.

Does the entire $1,500 bonus add to the $1,500 Traverse limit for a total of $3,000?

You could probably get another Traverse in your price range. Possibly an LT.
A smaller Equinox or Trax would less than your range, probabaly around $100-$200 per month.

Do you need 3 rows or will two suffice?

Thanks for responding.

Yes my current lease is through GM Financial.

I don’t have to have 3rd row but it’s nice to have.

The GM rebate I’ve accumulated is $1800 and the top off bonus is $1500 that expires 5/1/17. So if i purchase by the first i’d have $3300 towards a new lease.

I think the entire bonus top off can all be used, but the accumulated is limited to the vehicle limits. Traverse is $1,500, and Equinox and Trax are $1,000. So a Traverse total would be $3,000. You may have a different card than me so you may be correct!

You also qualify for $500 GM loyalty.

What is your zip code? How does Indiana tax leases? Payment amount or total cost?

Aim for at least a 10% dealer discount on top of all the other lease incentives and you should be able to get another slightly less loaded Traverse within your budget.

Also, you may want to have the dealer pull you up in their system and see if you qualify for this since you have an existing Traverse lease:

$1500 - GM Targeted In Market Lease Cash Private Offer

That would replace the $500 GM lease loyalty private offer (only one private offer can be used)

I have the original Gm card I don’t believe there is a cap. My zip code is 46818 and I’m not sure on the tax. So far i’ve gotten a horrible quote on a GMC Denali. I’ll see what I can get on the Traverse.

For your zip, GM is offering on a Traverse: GM Financial Chevrolet Select Market Incremental CCR - 17-40B $1,000.
GM Financial Supported Lease CCR $750.

500 loyal
3,300 GM card
500 farm bureau

Total $6,050 of incentives added to the dealer discount. Say $4,000 on a $40k MSRP. So about $10k total off.

The calculator says you would be around $360 in the above scenario, not knowing exactly what MF and RV a Traverse has this month.

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Hello Stacie in Indiana…I’m a Stacie too, also in Indiana. Were close by ( Warsaw ). Glad you posted, as I too, am looking for a decent lease - but looking at a Malibu. Dealing locally, but not getting anywhere fast. When you reach your lease goal, I may PM you for your contact at Kelley. :slight_smile:

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