Help - Lexus NX300 F sport comfort package

Hi all,

My wife recently totaled her car, luckily no injuries. Anyhow, we’re now in the market to lease a new 2019 Lexus NX300 F sport.

We’re living in Columbus, GA near Atlanta and she’s set on the NX300 F sport comfort package with an MSRP ~ $43,833.

We are looking for a 36 month/ 12,000 mile package

Residual Values is 56%
Money Factor fluctuates around 0.00125-0.00110
Rebates are $2000 lexus cash plus $750 for being a graduate
Willing to put down 6x MSD for $3000 to try and get the money factor rate down

Would I be able to find a deal on this for roughly a ~$325-350/month or is that shooting for the stars and I should be more realistic around ~$425-450?

MF should not fluctuate. Find a dealer offering the buyrate MF. Have you gotten any offers? Plug in the numbers into the calculator to see what kind of discount is necessary to reach your target price.

Right, the two different money factors came from two different dealerships I sent an inquiry to in Atlanta.

Playing with the calculator for an MSRP of $43,833 I would have to get about $5500 off MSRP then combine in a rebate of $2750 and use 6 MSD for $2,250

That would bring me about $367/month

Your calculation is wrong. Incentives are taxed, but at least you aren’t taxed on the entire sales price anymore in GA. Your numbers should improve.


Got this offer from the dealer, any thoughts if this is good or not?