Help Leasing a Tiguan 2018 SEL

Hello, I am interested in leasing a 2018 Tiguan (SEL – as this seems to be the only option that has power tailgate). Don’t need premium package or navigation or 3rd row seating - just basic SEL.


    • Color: White/ White Silver with light grey interior (Leatherette/ Leather)
    • 4matic
    • Power Tailgate
    • Cargo Net and Cargo Cover (optional)

I would like to do $0 down and pay license, DMV fees, etc. (approximately $700) separately along with 5 year maintenance plan (which includes oil changes) for $1200.

Looking to get 20% off MSRP as I would like to purchase vehicle post lease expiration.

Any help finding this in a White/White Metallic color with light grey interior would be most appreciated. Just leased a S model on Saturday for my daughter before I found this forum.

MSRP on her S model was $27,887 with selling price of $24,887 - not sure if it was much of a deal…

There’s no “Premium Package” on the Tiguan SEL, and navigation is standard.

You aren’t getting 20% off a Tiguan. That’s a joke.

Want a cheap SUV to lease? Alfa Romeo Stelvio or Infiniti QX50/60.

@mah4546 - I was just at the dealership and helped my daughter lease her Tiguan S and the Dealer told me the SEL has a “Premium Package” not all SEL’s come with Navigation - they come with Apple Play which is standard.

That’s simply not accurate at all. SEL has only one option - R Line Package. Everything else is standard, including Navigation. Just go to and verify for yourself.

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Maybe I’m not wording it correctly but when you go to build your SEL - the following options are presented:

  • SEL
  • SEL with 4motion
  • SEL Premium
  • SEL Premium with 4motion

What’s the deal on the Q50 - the MSRP seems to be much higher around $48k vs $34k (Tiguan for the model I am looking for)

Yes, matter of wording. SEL Premium is a trim level, not an option package. Navigation is standard on SEL and SEL Premium.

Not all cars at the same MSRP lease for the same monthly payment, which you’ll learn by looking st threads here. The QX50 has a high residual, decent discounts and low money factor (which can be lowered more with MSDs), so they’ll lease for cheap relative to MSRP. You can get them for $0 down in the low $300 to low $400 range depending on trim level and your geography. The real bargain though is the Stelvio.

Even the very best deals on the Stelvio from last month were going to be a fair bit higher than a good deal on a Tiguan, and they’re now $100 more than last month so the OP has no chance of getting a Stelvio for a Tiguan payment.

Not sure which state you live in but depending on taxes you can get a Tiguan in the $200’s p/m, with minimum down. The 10% discount you got on another Tiguan is healthy, make sure they’re not bumping up the Interest rate (MF) to compensate. I’ve seen 15% discounts on Tiguans that have been at the dealer for a while, check as it lists how long the car has been for sale. Target older stock and that should yield results.

If you’re short on time find a broker here and they can help. You might also want to expand your search if you’re more deal oriented as there’s so many SUV’s in that price range.

If you want to buy at the end, why lease at all? and a $1200 5 year maintenance plan for a lease? naaaah.

OP is looking at an SEL. It leases for significantly more than an S, which is the sweet spot on Tiguan leases, and more than an SE, which only leases okay in the first place.

Now I realise why I didn’t know about the SEL Tiguan, man they’re expensive. ~$10k/40% more than a base Tiguan with the same engine and gearbox!

@Toppgunn1 If you need a powered liftgate I’d look around for Chevy and Fords and save yourself a lot of money. Tiguans don’t lease that well to begin with but that’s compounded by the high MSRP on the SEL

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I know this is specific to me and my location and what incentives I qualify for, but looking at Honcker and the SEL Premium 4Motion (apparently NO dealer in my area carries the FWD since they don’t sell well, or that’s what they told me to try to upsell me to the 4Motion) is coming up around $340-350/month.

Given how poorly the SEL leases compared to the base model, that’s a lot to pay for a power liftgate.

Terrible idea.

Thank you all for your valuable information and guidance.

The guy at the dealership told us that if we don’t get the maintenance plan the 6yr/72k mile warranty will be void. Initially they wanted $2k for the maintenance plan but we got them down to $1200 - it covers oil changes, wiper blades, belts, brakes, alignment, and a loaner car every time the vehicle is dropped of for service.

My Daughter is has a 3 year old and is having another baby any day now so we just wanted some reliability - comfort of knowing the vehicle would be serviced at the dealership. They said the maintenance plan would cover all the 10k, 20k… services. Is it really a bad idea to get these maintenance plans?

Additionally, we decided to lease instead or purchasing because of cost to finance everything upfront would be a lot more in terms of tax, registration and monthly payment. Our thoughts were we can lease and avoid paying interest and go to finance the residual after 3 years. Sorry, I’m new to this whole leasing thing and just found this forum a few days ago…

That’s actually a violation of federal law AFAIK and even if it wasn’t, it’s not true. A good sign you need to run away from someone willing to lie so egregiously

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You’re not avoiding paying interest. You’re still paying interest. If you include the acq fee (which applies only to leases) your effective APR would be even higher

Chances are you will never do that. Because either the residual will be higher than the market value or someone will dangle another lease payment in front of you which will be superficially lower than the finance payment on the buyout.

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I agree with the posts above. The line about voiding the warranty is an outrageous lie.

I think it’s also worth considering what you want from this vehicle. If you’re going to purchase at the end of the lease and then keep it for another 5-10 years, then really it’d make more sense to just purchase from the outset and to probably consider other models if reliability is as important to you as you state. Something like a Pilot, Highlander or a RAV4 may be better longer term value.

If you love in DC/VA/MD area let me know, I know a good VW dealership I can refer you to in NoVa.
As a rule of thumb, don’t rush with your decision if you want to get the best or better than average deal. Good luck!

Thank you guys/gals for all your pointers and help. Cody_Carter provided me with a link to Toyotas so the goal is to go check out some Rav 4’s and maybe some Infinities. Also, going to reach out to ajgraham in reference to the VW. Will also check out some Pilots. I feel the Alfa would be a bit out of my league from a maintenance stand point (not sure about how reliable they are in the long run).

@Eric_N - I am located in northern California - Burlingame - Bay Area.

If leasing a Tiguan S, 24m lease can get you possibility of not having to replace tires and if you get a good discount off msrp you can get 24m for almost the same as 36m. Plus only a 10k oil change is needed if leasing 24m/10k per year so then who cares about free maintenance? There’s your sweet spot. But higher trims as mentioned above won’t get that much off msrp so the difference between 36m and 24m will be greater.
It’s a numbers game but once you do the math you’ll understand leasing better.