Help! Lease payment is not the same as the dealer is giving me in the calculator!

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What am I doing wrong? What payment do you get?

Audi Q5 PP
No MSD / ZERO out of pocket

06807 Zip but getting in NJ

36 Months/10K Miles
MF=0.00017 - RV= 54%

MSRP: $52,990
Discount: $4925
Sale Price: $48,065
ETCH: $195
Acquistion Fee: $895
NJ Doc Fee: $493
CT Tax: $108
CT DMV: 597
Balance: $50,352

If you post your calculator and the actual dealer offer, it’s much easier to sort out where the error is

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Here is LeaseHacker Calc!

He is at $713/month.

A calculator is just a tool to construct your own offer and/or recalibrate someone else’s shared deal for your own taxes, incentives, RV/MF etc if they are different.

I’ve rarely seen anyone make any further headway by decoding a dealer quote into the LH calculator. If it matches, so what? Math doesn’t lie. If it doesn’t match, so what? Dealers aren’t going to lower their offer because your calculator said so. Chances are, it was the consumer’s error. If not, GL getting a dealer to admit it was theirs.

To be very candid, the ship sailed once the consumer asked for a quote instead of presenting a well-researched offer of their own.

Is this what edmunds told you buy rate is or the dealer told you they are charging?

Edmunds had that rate as well.

If the dealer made an error, I would happy to present it and see what they say…typically I can get the calculator within a few dollars of the actual lease price.

Can you help figure it out?

Whether it’s a MF difference or something else, it doesn’t matter. Deciphering their offer will accomplish nothing. When the effective monthly payment is more than you want to pay, move on.

And use a strategy of making offers.

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Thanks Max, still would like to figure out. Appreciate the input.

If anyone else has any thoughts on what the issue is please let me know.

More than likely a marked up mf. Without seeing the actual dealer offer, it’s hard to tell what is assumed vs real.

What other info do you need? I can post it.

Can you just take a picture of the offer sheet?

What is being asked above is whether or not the dealer is using buy rate on the MF. Did they tell you the MF they are using? Or are you just assuming they are using what Edmunds gave you?

They told me the rate and it matched Edmunds

Are they rolling in some prepayment of CT property taxes or something?

Can you post this? Not a crappy generic offer sheet with limited details, but the actual lease worksheet.

Only thing I can suggest, short of getting them to send you a worksheet, is to send them what you know. Just a list like what you put in your first post. And ask what you are missing that adds $40/mo.

I’d bet dollars to donuts the mf is marked up, even with them saying it wasn’t.

I just asked for the FULL worksheet!