Help, lease ending for loaded grand Cherokee!

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Been crawling the forum for a while and my lease is coming up on my '15 jeep Grand Cherokee limited. Has dual moonroof, cooled seats, V6, etc a premium package and every car I’m looking at with comparable amenities seem to be way more than the 525/mo I’m paying now.
Any suggestions to stay somewhere around 550 /mo?

What about another JGC? You’d be well under $525 for a Limited.

You Definitely do not have a loaded GC, a summit would be considered loaded not a limited with the the Lux 2 packages since you could technically add then off-road pack to a limited, the tech pack, upgraded engine, and 4x4. But if you’re okay with another limited like yours you should be able to score one in the 400s. Go to w volume dealer in FL like Arrigo. They love to just move units, I have a friend who got a Limited V8 for low 400s there with nothing due at signing.

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I hear that it’s not FULLY loaded but I would still like to keep the moonroof and cooled seats. I’m looking to experience a different brand (sedan or suv)

Not sure about packaging but people seem to have gotten good deals on ALfa stevilos and brokers post all the time about Infiniti’s, just check the market place. You’ll struggle with bmw demos because the majority will not have cooled seats.

cooled seats is a big challenge. I don’t believe those exist in a Stelvio at all. Pretty sure you need to go up to an X3 to get them from BMW. Maybe a Lincoln?

2019 Rav4 have an option for heated/cooled seats I believe. You could probably get a Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury Trim model that has heated/cooled seats for a similar payment to what you pay now. The higher trim of the Santa Fes offer it as well.

Obligatory QX60 reference but in this case it might be the answer.

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don’t know about their pricing but their service is HORRIBLE! (was gonna use a stronger word but keeping it PG)

Didn’t go there for service ever. I Used Greens garage in CoGa

Are there any luxury sedans that would fall somewhere around that monthly amount? I’m scared to lease a sedan in Chicago because of the weather…

I don’t understand what living in Chicago has to do with leasing/not leasing a luxury sedan.

The roads get a bit sporty here once the snow freezes over.

I mean the average luxury sedan has like 245/45 or similar decent profile tires so I don’t see why that’s a disadvantage

I think because of the weight of an SUV there would be less sliding on the slippery roads here compared to a sedan regardless of the tires

Some sedans weigh more than some SUVs. Personally, I feel like the lower center of gravity helps in the slippery stuff. Less weight transfer up high. Weight up high can cause instability and a pendulum effect when it starts wagging its tail. Again, just my personal preference.

My daughter leased a GC Altitude 36/12k for $430 mo, but dealer paid her first payment and gave her a check for $1960 at signing to pay off her Honda lease. The limited leases about the same, even though it’s a little more expensive. She got it from Delray Jeep on Federal

Seems like an okay deal. I had a 14 altitude 4x4 that went back under lemon law and paid $330 with fees out of pocket and my limited V8 now costs $415ish a month so she probably could have done a tad better but they probably rolled the Honda payments into the lease.

Just spoke with an Audi dealership and they don’t come with autostart?!

Most German cars do not. VW does though on some cars, probably because they cater to the US market. If you do end up finding a German car that has remote start it will probably be through a subscription based app like Volvo On Call