Help in writing a scientific paper Re: Electric Cars

Guys, just forgive me for offtopic, but since the forum is automotive, I decided to register here to ask an important question. I am writing a term paper on the automotive industry. One of the questions that I study is electric cars and their future. In addition to scientific data, it would be useful for me to gather the opinions of car enthusiasts and professionals in this field. I would be very grateful for any information and your opinion.

Hmmmm, I never used an online forum when I wrote my scientific papers…

Electric cars are going to take over. I’m glad to be able to live/experience the joy of the last days of combustion engines. No electric will sound as good as my Infiniti :cry:

It won’t happen overnight. Years from now…sure. There’s only 2% market share last time I checked, and most of that is in CA. 48 more percent to reach parity is going to take quite a while, considering there are 276 million registered vehicles in the US.

It definitely won’t be overnight, but I’m going to float a guess and say by the end of this new decade, most car sales will be electric.
Here why I think that:

Uncertainty over stability in the Strait of Hormuz; a key pathway for shipping oil.

European bans on combustion engines: Audi is already joyfully switching to all electric, BMW and Mercedes are dabbing their toes and ramping up. Many European countries/cities have enacted complete bans by 2040. Our imports wont have ICE.

Market trends: everyone and their mother is trying to hump a Tesla because they’re so “cooooool”.

Economic uncertainty: the US is long overdue for a market correction, gas is going to skyrocket when the economy dips. Now that electric cars are more common/cheaper, they’ll be easier to dip into.

You’re welcome OP for the thoughts.

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Bringing costs to parity with ICE is going to be a stumbling block, as those Fed credits (as of now) don’t last forever. Charging infrastructure and time to charge is going to be an issue for others. Yes, range anxiety is becoming less with advances in battery tech, and battery tech will continue to advance over the next 10+ years, however, there are tons of gas stations around, whereas charging stations need significant ramp-up, especially when considering the longer charge time vs fill up, and having to wait in line (let alone find a charger) when needed due to this as more EVs hit the road. This is especially critical for those that live in cities or apartments, where you can’t just plug your car in overnight.

I must be in the minority with regard to Tesla. The only one I’d really be interested in is the S, but I’m not interested in paying 1k/mo for a lease. Could I afford it…sure. But I’d rather save that money or invest it when I can get a car that I like for less than half that. I don’t have an interest in the 3 at all simply due to the interior. I just don’t like it. I’ll venture to say that I’m not alone.

Could your scenario come to fruition…perhaps. Is it a guarantee…I’m not so sure about that.

So what is your important question? What we think of electric vehicles? In regards to? Environmental, fun factor, cost?

You will get different results from different forums. This forum is used to really break down the deal and we have had some EV deals to be had (chevy). Most of us like the EV and now with Jaguar and others in the market it may be an even more interesting hack if the Fed money goes away the price of the EV’s will have to drop in order to stay interesting for this crowd. You have a few factions in the group like Luxury, Gear Heads and frugal folks. All of these folks buy for different reasons but I am not sure that we have a strong EV must have crowd.

as an EV owner i can chime in… but like @socal59 said, need to understand what you are asking (specifically)

Search here for Tesla threads, you will find info for 10 courseworks :grin:

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while some think Tesla and other new electrics are revolutionary, I find it fascinating that electric cars were around 100 years ago (some claiming better range than today’s!)

…Only to be sunk by cheap oil and cheap combustion engine vehicles (Model Ts).

I think it might be helpful to better frame the question(s) you have regarding EV’s OP ?

For me, an EV makes total sense as a 2nd car but it wouldn’t work to have one as our main vehicle. At least not yet. Whilst charging is free at work (currently) our apartment complex would relieve us of $175 a month to use one of the EV charging spots. It’s very hard to justify that.

At the moment with fairly limited lease deals (530e aside) and the limited range of most plugin hybrids, we’re sticking with an enormously fuel inefficient ICE. However with the new 2020 330e and a potential move to a grown up house coming along before the end of the year, it could all change.

Everyone is entitled to MY opinion…

Electric cars can be much faster than the ICE equivalent. Performance enthusiasts will come to love EVs despite what they say about the sound of a V8 ICE.

Much fewer parts in an EV. So except for that battery it should cost much less to manufacture an EV relative to an ICE vehicle. As the years roll on, I expect EVs to become price competitive with ICE vehicles. When that happens sales will really take off.

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Everyone knows that no one is going to be buying cars in the next couple decades, ICE or electric. Elon is going to be driving everyone around in tunnels!


eGolf in Europe has a engine noise option…i almost died laughing last winter when i first saw it.

True, but also remember that CA is a pretty big place and the EV market is mainly concentrated close to the coast. Some cities here are approaching 20% already. That’s pretty crazy considering where all this was 10 years ago.

I’m pretty sure it was a bit more than just cheap oil…electricity was cheap too and was everywhere gas stations were.

OP, best way to do this is to make a list of questions and not let us guess what you need. There are a few ev drivers here that are pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

The EV future is bright, if car manufacturers can produce EVs in the $17-30k range for the most folks, which means at first cars would have to be sold at a loss.

No argument. That said, the farmer in North Dakota or the rancher in Texas or the traveling salesman in Kentucky need convincing, let alone affordable options.

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If you saw endgame, I thought Tony’s Audi sounded really cool for being an electric :joy:. I also thought Fisker Karmas made a neat noise. Haven’t heard a golf, I trust that it sounds pitiful though.

Thank you very much. Very helpful information. Your opinions and thoughts will help me a lot in my work. My scientific work will consist of several structural parts. In the first one I will describe the history of the issue, in the second there will be scientific facts and statistics, in the third I want to devote time to writing and describing your opinions and thoughts, that is, public opinion. Friends, many of my comrades buy a term paper on certain resources and sites. For example here What can you say about this? Will they be able to help me in writing my work?

Am I the only one that finds the whine of racing electric cars really cool? Then again I love straight cut gears on a race car.


Most think evs are quiet but they actually do make a miniature jet engine sound when accelerating…pretty cool sound.

If that is based on what we posted here so far i’m afraid you will get a F for your paper.